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The Sexually-Loaded Bollywood Scenes We Never Noticed In Our Childhood

We millennials had the most amazing, innocent and eventful childhood. We have witnessed a lot of remarkable transitions like from landlines to mobile phones, desktops to laptops, scooter to gear-less bikes, and Sridevi to Nora Fatehi. Indeed, we have seen a lot. 

But, how many of us agree to the fact that we were the most innocent creatures in our childhood, especially when you compare yourself to the Gen Z. 

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For instance, little did we know the double meanings thrown at us through our favourite Bollywood movies. Yes, it might sound a bit disappointing, but for sure more than half of you would have never noticed the sexually loaded Bollywood scenes from our childhood back then. Let us open the chapters for you one by one. 

Here are the most famous sex inspired Bollywood scenes that went unnoticed

The Kantaben moments in Kal Ho Na Ho

Homosexuality wasn’t a thing during the Kal ho na ho days, and the way Kantaben reacts to Aman and Rohit being together was hilarious. Those were the days when we never understood the cause of discomfort portrayed by this character. Nevertheless, we enjoyed every second of her presence on screen. 

Sameer and Rama’s Conversation in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

The exchange of cringe dialogues between Sameer and Rama was such a sexually loaded bollywood movie scene that it went pass our innocent brains. But, now when we look back to the clippings, it sounds hilarious and a bit ditching to have gone over our heads back then. 

Shahrukh’s scene in Om Shanti Om with stuffed tiger

If you could recall the scene, it all sounded like a gibberish back then, because we could have never made out the meaning of the dialogues he uttered. However, now that we understand better, listen to his words in the scene again and you’ll surely feel embarrassed. 

Golmaal Returns when Kareena drops into Ajay’s office

When you watch the conversation between Kareena Kapoor and Ajay Devgn in Golmaal returns, you’ll be glad that you didn’t get the meaning in those times. 

The C’mon Raja! sequence in the movie Raja

Madhuri Dixit attempting something like this is equal to finding your own family member in an objectionable state. The scene between Madhuri and Sanjay Kapoor, of course with her exotic expressions, would make you feel mortified. Take a look and do share your thoughts. 

The conversation between Rajesh Khanna and Sridevi in the movie Maqsad will blow your mind

After watching this scene, you won’t wonder why you didn’t understand it back then. The riddle breaking conversation happening between these actors is next level obscene. Seeing such a conversation happening on screen in 1984 is more of a miracle. ‘Where’s the Indian Sanskaar? 

The hotel scene in Jab We Met

We are pretty sure that a lot of you might have guessed the sub standard things said in the conversation between Shahid Kapoor and the Hotelier. But, for those of you who didn’t, try watching it now. The scene from the film was everything but decent, and many of you might not even have got the message. 

If you are wondering how these bollywood sexually loaded scenes didn’t face the scissors of the censor board, we are on the same page. After reviewing the content you already viewed, disappointment is mutual.

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