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24 Mar, 2023
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Throwback: Old Hilarious Ads of Coke and Other Brands

Advertisements are crucial to make people aware of a company’s products but do you know? Sometimes companies make such hilarious ads that you cannot control yourself from laughing. In this article, we will introduce you to some old hilarious ads of Coke and other brands. Let’s take a look.

Coca Cola

Image credits: Pinterest

See this poster, isn’t it funny? How the girl in this picture is flying, LOL! The tagline says live life lightly, and she is literally doing it.


Fevicol created an ad where a lot of muscular men and an elephant together try to separate two pieces of wood attached by Fevicol. They all try but fail to do it.

Happy Dent – Photo Studio

Have you ever seen this Happy Dent advertisement? If not, you shall watch it. A photographer clicks photos of a model in this ad, but the hilarious part is that he uses a person’s mouth as a flashlight. Didn’t understand? No problem, this is an ad for tooth whitening gum, and through this ad, they want to say that your teeth will become as bright as a torch if you use Happy Dent chewing gum. Lol! Please take a look at this video; here is the link –


Coca Cola – Amir Khan’s Paanch Ad

This is another very hilarious ad, where Bollywood star Aamir Khan stops a shopkeeper from deceiving two women who came to purchase Coco-Cola. You will love the dialogues and unexpected ending. Please watch it

Bingo – Mad Angles

Bingo has created a series of ads, and almost all of them are hilarious. Take a look at this –

Coca Cola – Sabka Thanda Ek

In this ad, Aamir Khan, on a train, carries a bottle of Coka Cola filled with Coke, but suddenly the train enters into a tunnel, and it becomes entirely dark. When the train comes out of the tunnel, Aamir Khan finds that the bottle is empty. Suddenly, all the passengers start belching one by one, and in the end, Aamir Khan does the same. Lol!

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