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26 Jun, 2022
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A Guide To Knowing About Metal And Titanium Glasses

Titanium Glasses

Metal Glasses have been in the fashion trend for a very long time. They were the perfect fashion accessory from the day of their invention. They were made of some heavy metals and were heavy. These glasses were mostly available in round shape. With the technologies getting advanced by the passing day, the eyewear industry has made metal glasses the most comfortable pair of glasses for people.

From youngsters to adults, all are a fan of these metal glasses. Metal glasses are not only available in round shapes but are also available in different other shapes and sizes. Still, the round metal glasses look the best among all. They are suitable for both men and women. These glasses are made in such a way that they have varieties for all age groups. Hence they are one of the most diversified types of glasses made by the eyewear industry.

Metal glasses are not only available in rounds but also in other shapes. The metal rounds have been the favourites of many celebrities and famous people. They have worn these metal glasses for no time and that has made them famous among people.

For example- John Lennon has been famous for his looks with round glasses that were of metals and today most round glasses are famous as John Lennon glasses. Not only the glasses, but the tinted sunglasses were also famous.

If we consider the look of the famous Steve Jobs then throughout his lifetime he has worn rimless round glasses made of metals. Hence metal glasses are also famous and are loved by many people.

We cannot miss the black round metal glasses of our favourite Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series. The famous look of Daniel Radcliffe has made people opt for black round glasses and wear them. These glasses made him look super smart and handsome. From then on these glasses were known as Harry Potter glasses.

Apart from round glasses, the half-rimmed glasses mostly were made of metals and hence they were mostly rectangular and were used for reading purposes. Not only are half-rimmed glasses made of metals but some rimless glasses are also made of metals and look amazing and stylish when worn.

Titanium glasses

Unlike metal glasses, there is another type of material that is used for making glasses is titanium. Titanium glasses are one of the most stylish and elegant pairs of glasses. These glasses are available in various shapes and sizes. They look great on both men and women and all the frames are attractive and grab the attention of everyone.

When it comes to durability, no one can beat the period of titanium glasses. Titanium glasses are one of the most durable and long-lasting pairs of eyeglasses. These glasses are rust-free and very comfortable to wear.

Why titanium glasses?

Titanium glasses are favourites of many, especially those who want a durable and stylish pair of glasses. They are of various uses and are suitable for people because of various reasons. Let us see the reasons for choosing titanium glasses over other pairs of glasses.

  • Skin-friendly- Many people suffer from skin allergies and redness in the skin. This can happen due to reasons like skin problems, heat, etc. Sometimes materials of glasses can also cause these problems. Hence we should choose the glasses and check upon the materials that are skin-friendly and will not cause any effect after wearing them. Thus choosing a pair of titanium is the best choice for a person as these glasses are skin-friendly and do not cause any skin problems.


  • Rust-free- This is such a material that it is rust-free and does not cause any rust, unlike other materials. Hence these glasses can be worn all time and are also water-resistant as water causes rust and damage to the material and the glasses. 


  • Lightweight- Many people avoid wearing glasses that are heavyweight. This is because they feel that the glasses will be an extra burden for them. But the good news is waiting for all. Titanium glasses are made for all. They are super lightweight and easy to wear. They don’t feel any extra burden on their faces and one can flaunt the look easily with these glasses. Instead, these glasses are very stylish and almost all prescription glasses are fit for these pairs of glasses.


  • Durable- These glasses are super durable and stay for a longer time than other pairs of glasses. These are not plastic and hence they provide a shining effect like that of metals. They are a form of good quality metal that makes people choose these glasses and wear them. People these days want things durable and hence these can be their perfect choice, even if they have to pay a little more costly as this will help them in cost-cutting and buying more pairs of glasses instead of one.


  • Fit for all purposes- It is always said that one should choose their glasses wisely which will fit all the purposes of the person. Be glasses that fit your outfits or the moods of the occasion for which you are wearing your glasses. This helps to shape a person’s characteristics in various ways. Titanium glasses are one such pair of glasses that is suitable for every purpose and goes with every outfit that you wear. Hence this is perfect for everywhere and with every out.


  • Various designs- One loves to have various designs of glasses as they want to wear each pair with their different outfit. It also looks great pairing different eyeglasses with different outfits. Titanium glasses provide different designs of glasses for people so that they can buy their favourite pair of glasses among them.

These are some of the main reasons which make one choose titanium glasses instead of other materials of glasses.

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