Do You Really Need A Gua Sha Stone?

The beauty industry has transformed enormously in the past few years; it has started giving priority to wellness and only buying products that are actually treating your skin and making it better. The beauty world has seamlessly integrated itself with wellness. One such wellness trend that has been quite popular is the Gua sha stones, a facial tool with a rich history. We already had facials rollers in the beauty world, so why do we need a Gua Sha Stone to massage her face? Well, Keep on reading and find out everything about the stone before buying one! Gua Sha literally means 'scraping sand'. This treatment is an age-old practice done in East Asia and China. The Gua Sha tool is also used to treat muscle pain and tight muscles, called a Gua Sha massage. The science behind rubbing the Gua Sha stone on the parts of the skin repeatedly in one direction is to activate blood circulation; this is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory. While a lot of people say that they have seen some striking difference on their face after using the Gua Sha stone, but there is also a section of people who calls the stones a marketing fad and that it can't replace clinical skin treatments.

Benefits of Using the Gua Sha Stone

The Gua Sha stone is believed to treat Hepatitis B and helps with migraines, neck pains. The stone is designed to release tension from your face and boost blood circulation. In fact, after using the Gua Sha stone for a few days, people have felt that their face is lifted, and the skin looks smoother.

Is There Any Side Effects of Using The Gua Sha Stone?

As Gua Sha is a natural healing remedy, it is pretty safe to use. However, the treatment involves rubbing your skin so it can change the appearance of your skin. Sometimes, one can face minor bleeding or skin bruising issues after using the Gua Sha stone, but that usually disappears after few days. It's vital to always disinfect the tool after every use as there can be a risk of transfer of blood-borne disease through the tool.

Does Your Skin Need a Gua Sha Stone?

Using the stone doesn't have many side effects as it is a natural way of healing and detoxifying your skin. So if you have saggy skin and dark circles, you can invest in one. You can do it at your home, but if you don't want to experiment, you can also visit a skin therapist for Gua Sha treatments. However, if you are planning to invest in one, you will not see immediate results. Gua Sha stones show results when used regularly. If you really want to go a notch higher in your wellness goals, Gua Sha stone is worth the try!  Here’s how you can do a facial Gua Sha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrcS5m665OM        

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