Here Are Some Styling Tips For Men For Monsoon Season

No matter how much we romanticize the rainy season, going on a walk while it rains and dancing with your loved ones is possible in our dreamy world only. When it rains, we all prefer being in our beds sipping our favourite cup of tea.  There isn’t any Bollywood scene that makes us dance in the rain. Lets be honest, doing that can make you sick. If you come back from the rain, all it brings is mud, humidity and wet clothes, which then makes you rearrange your wardrobe and make it rainproof. (Phew, that’s a lot of work!)

Here Are Some Style Tips For Men To Own The Monsoon Fashion

Look Forward to Cotton And Linen Fabric

More than the need to make your wardrobe rainproof, there arises a need to make your wardrobe sweat-proof in monsoon. The humidity leaves you exhausted and gives you the embarrassing gift of sweat patches.  The solution? Stick to cotton and linens as much as possible. Go for light, breezy shirts with cool prints to keep them both functional and fashionable. And opt for linen trousers or cotton shorts to complete your look. 

Pick a Light Coloured Shirt, Dark Coloured Trousers 

A thing that we all have grown up hearing from our parents in the rainy season is not to wear white as it gets stained easily. But while this tip holds true for trousers, it’s not precisely accurate for uppers—T-shirts and shirts in colours like yellow, purple and blue look cool during rains.  However, when it comes to trousers, we must prefer darker shades like olive green, brown etc. Investing in a short kurta in a lovely shade of blue can be a winning choice considering the wedding and the upcoming festive season. 

Get a Bomber Jacket 

If you thought bomber jackets were only for winters, rethink your decision. A bomber jacket with polyester fabric can be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. It protects you from the rain as the material is water-resistant and gives enough options to experiment with layer dressing. Pick one in an excellent print and combine it with a plain t-shirt, regular-fit jeans and a pair of sneakers for a chic casual look.

 Choose Regular Fit Pants 

Wear more loose or regular-fit pants, so they don’t stick to your skin and irritate you when it gets wet. If wearing anti-fit pants is going fashionably too far for you, stick to joggers and track pants, which are more versatile for summer dressing. 

Build Your Looks Around Shorts 

If you are thinking of spending on a piece of clothing this season, there is arguably no better investment than a good pair of shorts. Shorts make for a summer-monsoon staple for any guy. Opt for something comfortable (think cotton), and at the same time, don’t compromise on the fit. 

Time For Sandals & Sliders 

Allow your feet to breathe this monsoon, and opt for more sandals and sliders to experiment with your monsoon style. Whether you’re off on a summer vacation or simply making a quick visit to the grocery store, sliders and sandals will never disappoint you. Consider strappy sandals or sliders with an excellent grip to avoid unfortunate incidents of slipping in the rain.  Opt Neon For a Pop of Colour  And if you feel low, go for something in neon to pep up your mood in the gloomy monsoon instantly. Consider a co-ord set with a pop of neon that you can wear anywhere from gym to a coffee shop. 

Our final advice

There you have it, guys; stick to our easy tips to pick the right outfit this rainy season. Invest in a waterproof bag and a water-resistant watch to use as an accessory to amp up your style. Have fun with your style, and don’t let the rain dampen your spirit. Remember, there is no mood swing that a little dressing up can’t fix.

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