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23 Mar, 2023
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Looking For Some Skincare Advice? Check Out Alia Bhatt’s Skincare Routine!

Most of you would agree that skincare is a tiring process, but even if you follow a 3-step regime without fail, your skin starts showing results, and after that, there’s no going back. Well, the skincare world is full of advices, and we often get confused as to what to pick and what to leave. Well, Alia Bhatt recently shared her detailed skincare routine on her YouTube channel – it’s fun, simple and will definitely give you glowy and balanced skin. 

If you wish to achieve beautiful skin like Alia Bhatt, keep on reading as we decode her skincare routine for you:

Start with cleansing your face

Start your skincare routine by cleansing your face. Bhatt gave many options that you can go for, like using a foam-based cleanser, gel-based cleanser, or balm cleanser. Cleansing your face will help in removing all the excess dirt, oil and any other unwanted debris. 

Pro tip: Since balm cleansers are oil-based, you can use them to remove heavy layers of makeup

Add a face roller to your skincare regime

If you are someone who wakes up with a puffy face in the morning, Alia Bhatt has just the right solution for you. She spritzes on a mist to damp her face and then uses a gold face roller in the upward direction to decrease water retention and improve blood circulation. You can do the step for 1-2 minutes to relax your face muscles, stimulate collagen, and erase fine lines. 

“It instantly likes wake me up,” says Alia Bhatt. 

Under- eye cream is a must

The next step in Alia’s skincare routine involves using an under-eye cream that helps with dark circles and dryness. 

“Eye cream is very important”, says the Kalank actor.

Apply niacinamide

Alia Bhatt shares her holy grail product, and that is a Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drop. The product will help you get rid of fine lines, protects your skin from pollution and hydrate it as well. Niacinamide also promotes skin regeneration. The product is genuinely a skincare-cure all! She also shares an additional step of using caffeine solution drops since her under-eye looks a little puffy, and she is about to face the camera. However, Alia Bhatt mentions that the step is completely optional

Pro tip: Whatever you put on your face, you can put it on your neck and hands. 

Moisturize, moisturize

Stressing on how important it is to moisturize, Alia Bhatt says that everyone is aware of the benefits of applying a moisturizer. The product helps in hydrating your skin, especially when the weather is constantly changing and our skin feels dry.

“Just like you drink water, your skin also needs to drink water”, quotes Alia. 

End your routine with a sunscreen

The last step of Alia’s skincare routine involves applying sunscreen. She constantly stresses on the fact that even if you are going out in the direct sun, your skin still needs sunscreen as it reduces signs of aging and protects the skin from sunburn.

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