Skip The Mattes This Summer As Glossy Lips are Back in Trend

If there's one beauty product that can enhance your makeup or no-makeup look, that's a tube of Lipstick. The mattes ruled the beauty world for quite a while. From beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers to Bollywood celebrities, everyone went crazy over bullet lipsticks and liquid lipsticks to get a perfect matte finish.  But as everyone says, trends do come back, and a major throwback is happening in the beauty world right now with the comeback of the 90's trend: lip gloss.  However, unlike the 90's formula that made the gloss application very sticky, the new wave of lip gloss' formula is nonsticky and will give you a high-shine finish. The trend is old, but the formula is new.  "We have seen a huge display of '90s-inspired fashion making a comeback, so it's no surprise that the makeup trend followed suit. We have also seen an increase in a more natural approach to makeup, and having a more glossy, moisturised look on the lip really compliments that." said Sacha Jackson, Stila UK's national lead artist, and trainer.  In fact, the reason why mattes ruled the lipstick world for so many years is because the lip gloss gained a bad reputation for its sticky application, thick formula and use of  cheap glitters, which ultimately made the lips look chapped and weird. This time, the trend is back with some newfound formulas that will give you shine bright like a diamond kinda finish. A dewy base + mascara + shiny lip gloss, that's a combo we are totally diggin! [caption id="attachment_4656" align="alignnone" width="1024"]lip gloss Maybelline Image credits: Maybelline.com[/caption] If you don't want a colourful shiny finish, then the modern-day lip gloss has got you covered as they come in colourless formulas too, you can apply them as a lip topper over your tinted lip balm. The reason for this whole newfound love for glossy lips is because it complements all kinds of looks - ethnic, casual or even a formal look! So if you want to ace a glass-like dewy look, ditch those mattes and opt for a lip gloss!

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