Start Using Retinol And Thank Us Later!

Skincare is supreme, and it's therapeutic too but let's accept the fact that we don't have that kind of patience of following a 10-steps intensive skincare regime. We all desperately looking out for a product to say goodbye to the wrinkles and dark spots. Well, one such ingredient that has broken the internet and is the growing Google search term when it comes to skincare is Retinol. Though people search for it many times a day, there is half-baked information available, and that's why the ingredient gets limited to the search bar and fails to reach your skincare vanity. However, we have got you covered, and after tons of researches, we are going to break down the actual work that retinol does to your skin, why you should have it and why you shouldn't.

The Hype About Retinol - But Why So?

All the hype is justified when it comes to retinol as it takes care of a wide range of skincare problems, including wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative, breaks down into retinoid acid and directly impacts the cell structure of our cell while stimulating collagen production (which btw is the most essential protein for your skin)

Who Can Use Retinol?

Trust us when we say this - Almost everyone and every skin type can benefit from using retinol. The process of integrating retinol in your skincare regime should be slow and steady. The ideal time is your mid-20s or early 30s. The hack of using retinol is to find the correct percentage and formulation. If you are new to retinol block, start with a mild percentage of anywhere between 0.25% and 1%. However, if you have an ultra-sensitive skin type, check with your dermatologist before incorporating retinol in your skincare regime.

Is There Any Right Way Of Using Retinol?

The best way is to ease the product slowly into your skincare regime to avoid skin irritation. At the initial phase, you can start using retinol once or twice a week and then gradually scale up the usage to every night. Every skincare product has side effects, and we don't wanna deal with that nightmare, so a lower dosage of retinol is recommended. However, it's imperative to choose a product with a mild percentage of retinol if you are a beginner and at least wait for 30 minutes after washing your face and then apply the retinol products.

Benefits of Using Retinol

  • Smoothens out existing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Prevents the formation of wrinkles due to its minimizing effect.
  • Brightens out dull skin by deep exfoliation.
  • Regulates the sebum production and minimizes breakouts.
  • It fades hyperpigmentation, dark spots and evens out the complexion.

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