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30 May, 2023
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These Plus-Size Influencers Are Proving That Body-Positivity Is Not A Facade

Time and again, people have been flaked a lot by so-called fitness freaks about how body positivity doesn’t go with the idea of being fit and healthy. There legit existed a time when only models with a certain height and body size were included in the fashion industry, but slowly the definition of being fit is changing. Though we have a long way to go, people are accepting the fact that not all big bodies are unfit, and not all thin bodies are fit. The issue of weight and nutrition is such that you can’t categorically call a person fit or unfit, especially just by looking at their body type.

Body positivity runs on the ideation that there are tons of body type that exists and treating every body size equally. The concept in no way means promoting an unhealthy lifestyle or being okay with staying unfit; of course, it is important to stay fit but not because you want to look a specific type but to actually stay fit and healthy. There are innumerous girls who have starved themselves to please society and match up to societal norms of being fit, but body positivity instead promotes that there is nothing to feel guilty for having a certain body type, and it’s okay if you don’t belong from the ‘thin and light’ section of the population.

While we all can relate to the weight issues, the section that gets the most body-shaming comments are the plus-size influencers, but it seems they all are on a spree of promoting the idea of being happy in your skin and making the world a little less judgy place to be in. Here are the influencers that are promoting body positivity. TBH, it’s crazy, and this world needs them desperately.

Aashna Bhagwani

Believing that the idea of beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, Aashna Bhagwani creates body-positivity content for her viewers. Not only nationally, but her content is raw & real, that it attracts international audience as well. Making everyone feel comfortable in their own skin is Aashna’s end goal, and she is moving forward brilliantly to achieve it.

Sakshi Sindwani

Sakshi Sindwani is probably the only plus-size influencer who has time and again proved that there is literally no piece of clothing that can’t look flattering on a curvy body. When it comes to her achievements, Sakshi has been featured in international magazines including Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She is undoubtedly the queen of confidence!

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Varshita Thatavarthi

Varshita’s success can be measured from the fact that she collaborated with ace fashion designer Sabyasachi whom she met in a jewellery show. Varshita’s body-positivity content earned her a lot of respect in the entire fashion world, and today, it won’t be wrong to say that Varshita Thatavarthi is the representative of the whole plus-size women community in India.

Neha Parulkar

Neha Parulkar’s content constantly tries to challenges and break the fashion stereotypes and loves creating body-positivity content to inspire thousands of girls. Apart from being a plus-size influencer, she also talks about how to deal with body-shammers and plus size myths.

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