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28 May, 2023
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Indo-Western for Men

This Holi, Unveil Your Indo-Western Avatar In The Right Way!

As an initial impression, styling Indo-Western for men may appear challenging, but it isn’t. It’s a mix of Indian and the western cult and choices. Besides, there’s no better time to show off your Indo-western flair than during the Holi season. These attires are quite comfy and ideal for the hectic Holi fervor.

Here’s how to put together a show-stopping Indo-western ensemble for Holi.

What are the Salient Features of Indo-Western Wear in Holi?

  • The Essence of Silhouettes: Mens Ethnic Wear in India is noted for its ability to create a stunning silhouette. The trick is to change the outline of the dress material. Donning a shirt-kurta or a short kurta rather than a typical long kurta will immediately trigger an ethnic vibe.

Jodhpuri trousers are the classic illustration of Indo-western style. These trousers are a hybrid of Indian riding breeches and slender bottoms, with flared thighs in a fitted style.

  • Screening the Bottoms: Even if you wish to keep your traditional kurta on, you can definitely go for an Indo-western style in Holi. Simply cut short your bottoms for something more daring. There’s everything in mens clothes from dhoti pants to traditional denim to select from.

Fusion clothing in this context is a modern trend that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a creative combination of two or more cultural styles. Silhouettes are mostly influenced by the Western culture and are supported with the Indian fabrics and styling.

  • Influence of Asymmetry: Asymmetrical hemlines have stamped their mark for the Holi season. For this Holi, go ahead and grab yourself a short trendy kurta that is anything but dull. From pleats to drapes, this season is the moment to take chances with your fashion choices.

Ethnic attire is an element of Indian culture. Indian fashion lovers sincerely believe in this concept when they celebrate any gorgeous festival like Holi. These days, the Indian people, as well as the people of the West, tend to follow the Indian culture and traditions with equal spirit.

  • Texture Prints and Patterns: Using a mix of prints and patterns is another modern approach to incorporate western aspects into your style. It is the area where you can be as bold or as delicate as you like. To comply with the Holi mood, the fashion designers recommend vibrant, colorful prints.
  • The Blend of Ethnic Layering: Jackets and waistcoats are another superb way to incorporate western aspects to an otherwise ethnic appearance. This style is a little dressier and would be ideal for your evening Holi parties.

The Takeaway

Now, you’re all set to rock the party in style! However, you should not forget that people are still in the middle of an epidemic. Keep your group events on a minor scale and take all the appropriate steps!

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