Tote Bag Or Baguette Bag: The Ultimate Guide To All Kinds Of Handbags

Women are crazy for bags, we are practically carrying a portable world packed in a safety net! As long as your bag is with you, you can possibly fight all the odds. Remember the trend of what's in my bag? Well, that trend was a heads up for men to know that women carry the whole world with them. A good and comfortable bag can change a woman's life, but we all struggle to find that perfect handbag for us! How can you know what's best for you if you are unaware of how many options you have? That's exactly where this blog will help you! Let's dive right into knowing the various types of handbags available for you to choose from.

Tote Bag

[caption id="attachment_9839" align="alignnone" width="257"]Bag Image credits: Nykaa Fashion[/caption] Tote bags are probably the most famous out of all. These bags are giant and rectangular-shaped and are ideal for when you have a lot of stuff to carry. Totes are comfortable to carry with two parallel shoulder handles on both sides. A Tote bag is perfect for work or for a shopping spree!

Bowler Bag

[caption id="attachment_9840" align="alignnone" width="300"]Bag Image credits: Lyst[/caption] Bowler bags are dome-shaped and medium-sized with typically thick and short straps. A bowler bag has multiple compartments, so if you are someone who likes to keep their stuff sorted, a bowler bag is a great option. Wondering about that name? Well, it's inspired by the bags that used to carry bowling balls.

Barrel Bag

[caption id="attachment_9842" align="alignnone" width="300"]Bag Image credits: Carousell[/caption] Barrel bags comes in a cylindrical shape and usually small to medium-sized. The shoulder straps are small, but they are incredibly stylish to carry. They are compact yet spacious.

Bucket Bag

[caption id="attachment_9843" align="alignnone" width="253"]Bag Image credits: Net-a-Porter[/caption] As the name suggests, bucket bags come in the shape of a bucket. A bucket bag has a flat bottom, drawstring to pull and close the bag and has long handles making it extremely comfortable for a long day! The bucket bags are famous for their all-cool appeal and style rather than their use. Do you know who is the cousin of bucket bag? It's the ethnic potli bag!

Baguette Bag

[caption id="attachment_9845" align="alignnone" width="200"]Bag Image credits: NA-KD[/caption] Baguette bag is in trend right now! These bags are tiny and have a distinctly cylindrical body. A baguette bag is perfect for an occasion where you need to carry minimal stuff. Baguette bags are narrow shoulder bag with a small strap-like handle. If you have watched Sex And The City, you probably have noticed the bag that Carrie Bradshaw carries; well, that's a baguette bag.

Cross-Body Flap Bag

[caption id="attachment_9846" align="alignnone" width="300"]Bag Image credits: OMODA[/caption] The predominant feature of a cross-body flap bag is a front clasped flap. A cross-body flap bag comes in medium size and perfect for a breezy lunch date or house party. There is no locking system in the bag, but there's a zipper inside to secure your belongings. If you are not a carry-shoulder-bag type person, a cross body flap bag is the option to go for!

Round Bag

[caption id="attachment_9849" align="alignnone" width="251"]Bag Image credits: The Style Scribe[/caption] Round bags are pretty new to the bags market compared to others. The popularity of round bags stems from the fact that they are very unique - a circular body with long straps to put over the shoulder. From leather, metallic to jute, you will find a round bag in every fabric. Round bags can add a striking feature to an otherwise boring outfit!

Solid Handheld Bag

[caption id="attachment_9850" align="alignnone" width="225"]Bag Image credits: Amareye[/caption] This is probably the must-have bag in every women's closet. It comes with all the zippered pockets and compartments to sort the enormous amount of stuff that we carry. The straps of a solid handheld bag are shorter than those of tote bags and are available in all types of silhouettes and sizes.

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