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Looking for Italian delicacies? Order from Domino’s

Gaining immense recognition worldwide, Italian cuisine is one of the top cuisines in the world. Any kid or even adult craves Italian food like pizza, pasta, spaghetti, risotto, etc. The familiarity with Italian recipes has grown so much that people across the world are not only visiting Italian restaurants but have also started cooking Italian food in their homes. If you are looking for Italian options to fill your hungry stomach here are some best options that you should put your hands on. Italian cuisine and Domino’s go hand in hand, this food joint serves a variety of Italian food options at affordable prices. 

Let’s browse through some of the best available Italian food options at Domino’s.

  1. Pizza – This has to be the number one choice when you are thinking of eating Italian cuisine. If you are searching for food near me and Italian is your choice, Pizza will top the list of food items. Pizzas can now be customized as you can pick your favorite toppings and add to them the various crust available. You can find numerous veg and non-veg options of Pizza with this brand. The pizza mania option also offers mini pizzas which are budget-friendly and filling. Apart from individual pizzas, the brand serves meals and combos so that you can pounce on the scrumptious food. 
  2. Pasta – Wherever there is pasta there is fun, laughter, and happy bellies. Though you can easily cook pasta at your home now as the ingredients are readily available in the market, the joy of ordering it from an outlet is different. This brand also serves pasta pizzas that are pizzas that have their toppings as delicious pasta filled with cheese and Italian sauces. If you are browsing for pasta near me, these delicacies are surely going to pop up on your feed. Some of the highlights of their pasta menu are Moroccan spice paste, tikka masala pasta, creamy tomato pasta, etc.
  3. Paratha pizza – Though this may not sound completely Italian, adding our Indian touch to any cuisine would only make it further amazing. Added recently to the menu, paratha pizza is a thick paratha having a super delicious filling. If you want to enjoy two different cuisines in one single food item, paratha pizza has to be your choice. You can also order it online and the quick delivery services will make sure to deliver this creative food item within thirty minutes at your doorsteps. Paratha pizza further has various options available like corn and cheese paratha pizza, paneer paratha pizza, chicken keema paratha pizza, etc. 
  4. Garlic bread – How can we miss out on the sides, along with our meals we require something to munch on and garlic bread is the perfect choice for that. This is presented on the menu with or without stuffing as per your desire. Garlic bread and some dip proves to be the best combination for a side dish. The rich flavor of garlic is mouth-watering and worth your money. 
  5. Burger pizza – The twist and turns continue as we talk about burger pizza. A combination of burger and pizza has to be our generation’s go-to food. Curated with innovation, burger pizza is the right dish for your empty stomach. Made with two burger buns and ingredients of pizza, you should give it a try. 

Apart from the Italian delicacies listed above, won’t you love to wrap up your meal along with some flavorsome desserts? You would surely want to, so here are some desserts that one can try!

  1. Choco lava cake – Hands down to the most delicious and affordable dessert, Choco lava cake is a freshly baked mini cake served with molten chocolate inside it. If you haven’t tried this one yet, you are missing out on something luscious. 
  2. Butterscotch Mousse Cake – Best for summers, this is a rich blend of butterscotch cream and dark chocolate cake. Ordering it would be the perfect way to conclude your meal. 

The list can go endless as Italian is such a vase cuisine including many other food items like spaghetti, risotto, bruschetta, lasagna, etc. Mentioned above are some of the famous Italian dishes served popularly in India.  

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