These Delicious And Energetic Food Will Keep You Hydrated!

Getting tired in summers is very common as the temperature rises. We get exhausted due to exposure to heat, insomnia due to sleep, discomfort and malnutrition caused by dehydration or lack of appetite, etc.  According to the experts, eating in a proper proportion and eating the right food that keeps you hydrated can take care of your summer blues and restore your energy levels. Fatigue, dehydration, migraine, and sluggishness, low energy levels in summer are all symptoms of the seasonal illness that can affect you too. Vijay Thakkar, a Functional Medicine and Disease Reversal Coach's summer nutrition guide, helps you choose the right foods to beat the hot weather. 


A healthy breakfast can give you a good amount of nutrition at the start of your day, keeping you active throughout the day. One should eat mindfully, including snacks like moong sprouts, legumes, nuts, and seeds and make sure to have enough vitamins and minerals in their system to keep them going all day. Hydration plays a vital role in your summer diet. Instead of colas and other sugary beverages, go for some healthy alternatives like kokum, lemonade, barley, and coconut water. 

Summer Fruits

Try to include seasonal fruits in your diet for summer. Watermelon, muskmelon, orange, pineapple, strawberries, mango, and other fruits with high water content are the best option to be hydrated. Store them in the refrigerator to get a chilled and tasty mouth watery fruit which are a great source of hydration. These fruits can offer quick recovery and rejuvenation from the dehydration caused due to the heat.

Main Course

Most of us hate bottle gourds, ridge gourds, broccoli, bitter gourds, apple gourds, and a few other summer vegetables even though we all know that these vegetables are great for health. Well, eating right in summer is essential! They can be very helpful in avoiding dehydration and keeping you active as they provide a lot of water and potassium. These elements also help maintain low blood pressure and electrolyte balance in your body.


Foods such as green moong sprouts, spinach, legumes, nuts, and seeds contain various vitamins, minerals, and compounds. These foods fulfil the magnesium supply, affecting cells' energy and metabolism. These foods can keep you safe from summer fatigue, which causes mineral loss due to sweating. 


Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water is the best, but drinking too much normal water can wash off the mineral from your body. This is the case, especially while using bottled water or RO filtered water.  Hydration in Green tea, lemonade, or fresh coconut water form will fill your body with essential minerals and vitamins. These drinks work great in rejuvenating you in the middle of the day or when you feel sleepy after lunch. It also helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance in your body. 


In summers, try to make food less spicy for a happy stomach. Small amount of spices in food help in digestion and keep you safe from fatigue and infections. Spices such as ginger, pepper, cinnamon, rosemary, garlic, etc., are a few of the ingredients which can be consumed in food during summers. 

What to Avoid?

It would help if you cut down on caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc. These may cause temporary vigilance but ultimately leads to dehydration and fatigue. Drinks with high sugar content are another avoidable category for summer drinks. Sugar affects the production of orexin in our brains, which can cause a feeling of tiredness and can make you hungry. 

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