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31 Mar, 2023
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Try Your Hands On This Father’s Day Special Recipe & Surprise Your Dad With Your Skills

Father’s day is round the corner and all of us are planning to surprise the hero of our lives in some way or the other. Our father is our first superhero, and no day could be better than this special day to make our father feel super special. And for this, what could be better than trying our hands on creating something unique. 

So, let’s move ahead and put some efforts to bake the most classic Mocha Truffle Bites that is sure to burst the flavor bomb in the mouth of our loved ones. So, let’s get into this together, and learn the most convenient Mocha Truffle Bites recipe. 

No two combinations sound as tempting as coffee and chocolate, and let’s pick these two flavors to create something iconic. This mocha truffle bite is packed with the freshly brewed espresso, and dense, creamy, and rich flavor of a classic chocolate truffle that will never make us feel satiated enough to stop. So, be prepared to ditch our diet and have these masterpieces on this father’s day gift. 

The Recipe

Among various other Father’s day gift ideas, this particular plan is going to be the most impressive. So, get set for this little treat, and check out the recipe as explained below. Let’s first dive into the ingredients. 


  • 200 gm dark melted chocolate
  • 330 gm powdered sugar
  • 330 gm butter
  • 15 gm coffee
  • 60 gm heavy cream
  • 2 gm salt, and
  • Half a tea spoon of vanilla extract
  • Base Ingredients
  • 90 gm Oreo
  • 20 gm Melted butter 


Now comes the time to learn the method of these melt-in-mouth truffle bites

Step 1– Crush Oreo cookies (the ones you took for the base) and add melted butter (from the base ingredient) to the mixture. 

Step 2– Mix both ingredients well so that they get bonded. Next, press them properly in a dish or tray to form a proper base. 

Step 3– Refrigerate the base for 15-20 minutes and let it get fixed. 

Step 4– For the fluffy ingredient on top of the base, add soft butter and vanilla extract in a stand mixer and mix both these ingredients on high speed. 

Step 5– Next, add powdered sugar in the mixer and mix it on medium speed.

Step 6– Once the sugar gets mixed properly; add heavy cream, coffee, melted dark chocolate and salt. Mix all the ingredients well together. 

Step 7– Now pour this mixture on the base, and let it again rest in the refrigerator for half an hour. 

Now pour the ganache on the coffee mocha and let it again rest in the refrigerator. Once the truffle is set, cut it into squares and serve to enjoy the scrumptious taste. 

Benefits Of Making Mocha Truffle Bites For Father’s Day 2022

Coffee can be the rescuer when it comes to lowering the risk of depression, or suicide risk. Further, some studies reveal the benefits of coffee consumption. According to these studies, drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day, reduces the risk of colorectal cancer by 15% and liver cancer by 40%.

Using this father’s day recipe, we can make the most of this special day. Also this surprise will make our dad and other family members happy and joyous. We have a lot more options for Father’s day gift, but preparing a personalized gift would be above all options. 

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