Irisin And Brown Fat Cells Can Help You Lose Weight

We all are stuck in a situation where we desperately want to lose weight but constantly finding easier ways of doing it! Exercising at least six times a week and going on a calorie-deficit diet are the two most popular and relevant ways to lose weight. But have you ever wondered why our bodies have a tendency of storing fat? Our distant ancestors couldn't get their hands on even half of the amount of food we consume today; they could get a serious meal only a few times a week. They needed the energy to do other activities, and a major part of it came from the fat that they stored after the meals. We have seen fat as our biggest enemy for centuries, but did you know that the fat in your body is made up of different colours, and each kind of fat serves a different purpose? Keep on reading as we decode the science behind losing weight!

White Fat Or White Adipose Tissue (WAT)

This is probably the kind of fat you have known all your life! White fat deposits the energy in large fat droplets that keeps on accumulating in our bodies. Though the stored fat provides us energy but too much white fat in humans isn't appreciated as it leads to numerous health problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Brown Fat Or Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT)

Brown fat is packed with iron-rich mitochondria, and that's how it gets the brown colour. They store energy in a small space than white fat, and when brown fat burns, it creates heat without shivering; the process is called thermogenesis. During the process, brown fat also burns calories thus, helping you lose weight. After all, not every type of fat is bad for you! As brown fat cell don't store fat, instead, they burn fat, so the mantra of losing weight is to increase your brown fat cells and decrease your white fat cells.

How Can You Increase Brown Fat?

Recent researches show that a novel hormone, Irisin has the potential to activate a white-to-brown shift. Irisin contains protein 5 (FNDC5) and is a 112 amino acid peptide. It has been uncovered that people who exercise often produce more irisin than the ones who are sedentary. Irisin is not any synthetic pharmaceutical but our body's natural chemistry. There are still not enough studies to prove that exercising or the production of irisin can help create more brown fat, but exercise does burn calories, so you should do it regardless!

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