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04 Jun, 2023
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Practice These Habits To Keep Your Mental Health Sane!

Current events such as the covid-19 pandemic and civil unrest have taken a toll on our mental health. Many therapists have reported that they have seen a significant risk of depression and anxiety in their new as well as recovered clients. Well, when it comes to physical health, we are pretty proactive, but as soon as the topic of mental health hits us, we become lenient with it.

Truth be told, if your mental health is not keeping well, your physical health is far from being okay. If you are waiting for a major stress ball to hit you, it is more like you are waiting to raft when you are already drowning in the sea. Mental health impacts your life greatly; it affects your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, which is precisely why you should take the phrase – “Being happy inside out” seriously.

Though you might be thinking that in a world where more than 40 million people suffer from issues like anxiety and depression, only a physical workout routine exists! You are wrong! A mental fitness regime exists too, which can keep you mentally healthy!

Here are the steps that you must include in your mental health workout:

You need to calm down

If you are constantly thinking about past, present and future events, your brain will be on high alert all the time; It’s just like running in a never-ending marathon! Just like your physical body, your mind deserves some rest too. Our thoughts shape our lives, but when they overpower, that’s where the problem begins. We do know that it is easier said than done, but there are some ways through which you can calm your mind down for few minutes. You can do two-minute breathing exercises, practice meditation or do any quick tension-releasing technique.

You need to know where the root cause lies

When it comes to our family and friends, we are pretty compassionate, but when it comes to us, we constantly try to blame ourselves and control what we have no control over. Many researches have shown that self-compassionate people are happier and motivated than others. You need to start acknowledging where the problem lies – If it’s a life event, work environment, family pressure or a friend. Being compassionate will change your life for the better.

Focus on creating supportive friendships

If you really want to care about your mental health, the first thing you must do is remove toxic people and toxic relationships from your life. When it comes to mental health, quality overpowers quantity. People who have strong and supportive friends around them are healthier, so make a commitment to be open with your loved ones who you can trust.

Sleep is non-negotiable

Sleep is probably the only activity that we take for granted, and sleep is also the first activity to get affected if you are going crazy with your thoughts and emotions. Most adults need 6-7 hours of quality sleep. Do whatever it takes to achieve a good and sound sleep because nothing can calm your mind more than that.

Always remember – It’s never too late!

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