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04 Jun, 2023
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Rakesh Roshan beats cancer

Rakesh Roshan’s Secret to Beat Cancer at 71 Years of Age

Even after being 71 years old, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan’s gym sessions and fitness regime are truly unparalleled. The former actor-turned-filmmaker who was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, is happy to state that his healthy body aided in his smooth recovery.

The Hindustan Times reports Roshan saying, “I got cancer and I pulled it out and that was mainly due to my good health and positive attitude. I couldn’t even lift a five-pound dumbbell after finishing my treatment,” he recounts, adding that he had started with books, and now he can easily lift 40 kilos. That is proof that it is all about our perceptions. “I was determined to get my fitness game back after that, and I did. And because I already had a fit body, it helped me to have a speedy recovery.”

He revealed that his interest in physical training began to manifest itself from his time at school.

“I studied in Sainik School, Satara, where we used to have rigorous and regular training. I was very good in all types of sports and played quite a few games. So naturally, it has become a part of my life. I have been working out ever since, I am still working out with the same interest and passion.”

Roshan says that you can start on your journey to fitness at any age, “It is all the game of the mind. If your mind is set at looking after your health then nothing can stop you, health bhagwaan ka sabse bada den hai (Health is the greatest gift of God). That is in your hands, not others.”

He emphasizes the importance of sticking with a daily routine, “You need to follow a routine and stick with it. In the morning, I practice yoga for an hour, and complete my breathing exercises, and then I walk for one hour and cover around 4 to 5 kilometres. Then I go to the gym and train for an hour and half. In the evening, I swim regularly for almost an hour. That’s how I keep myself fit and strong at this age,” Roshan explains.

When asked about portion control and his diet, he replied, “I don’t do any intermittent fasting and do not follow any diet. I have all my meals, but in controlled portions. That’s what I ask my friends to follow. The more fit you are, the more productive and positive you become. The negative thoughts go away, and you can enjoy life and your work.”

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