Reasons Why Full Fat Milk Is a Healthy Choice for Healthy Living and Weight Loss

Individuals trying to lose weight typically receive guidelines to follow a healthy and low-fat diet. The majority of the weight loss practices that are followed across India focus upon reducing or limiting the consumption of fat in everyday meals. Old nutrition guidelines have created a fear among people that the consumption of fat is unhealthy. However, in the process, people end up avoiding foods that are extremely essential for healthy living. Individuals unknowingly stop consumption of foods like nuts seeds ghee and full-fat milk. However, advancements in nutritional studies are challenging these age-old guidelines. Currently, there is valid evidence that backs nutrition and full fat milk recommendations for weight loss programs. 

Wrong Assumptions

For several years people have been asked to avoid the consumption of full-fat milk is due to the presence of high saturated fat. Even today reputed health experts recommend a whole milk for weight loss for improving cardiovascular health and reducing chances of obesity. As a consequence people are more inclined towards the consumption of fat-free or low-fat dairy products. Modern resources however do not comply with these age-old recommendations. It is observed that toned or skimmed milk is not always a healthy choice. Full fat milk contains more health a benefit which is largely against popular beliefs.

Nutritional Profile

No fat or low-fat milk is largely different from one another in terms of fat content. By wait, full-fat milk contains around 3.25% of fat whereas in low-fat milk the fat content is around 1%. Full fat milk provides more calories due to the high-fat concentration. However, it is also rich in Omega 3 and vitamin D. Manufacturers usually fortify low-fat milk with vitamin D to make it healthy. But it did not always contain the right concentrations of Omega-3 which is an essential fat for optimum functioning of the heart and development of the brain.

Wrong Assumptions of Full Fat Milk

Most people prefer to stay away from full-fat milk as they believe it contains a high concentration of fat and full fat milk calories. However, researchers have found that almond milk calories helps in reducing the chances of obesity. A study conducted on more than 18000 women reported that consumption of high-fat dairy videos is the chances of weight gain.  Full fat milk nutrition products are known for lowering the risk of abdominal obesity in men by allowing 48%. On the other hand, individuals who consume less high-fat dairy had increased chances of developing abdominal obesity. Unfortunately, people have been following these age-old guidelines that prevent them from achieving optimal health. 

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