This is the Miracle food for Diabetics that you can easily find in your Kitchen!

If you or anyone in your family is suffering from the lifestyle disorder disease, diabetes, you would be well aware of the struggle to refrain from food items that adversely affect the body’s blood sugar level. Doctors restrict various food items like natural fruits including sweet, potato, rice, etc., because they can increase the level of blood sugars.  On the other hand, several food items are advised for maintaining the body’s blood glucose. But do you know about a miracle root vegetable that can manage your diabetes like never before? Yes, there is one such vegetable, and it is grown under the ground, called radish.  Radish is the bomb of nutrition, and even half a cup of this vegetable in your daily diet can do wonders for your health. It is one of the richest vitamin C sources and contains phosphorous, potassium, manganese, magnesium, etc. This staple Indian salad item has multiple health benefits, and it is most commonly used in the winter season. Let’s look at radish health benefits to enhance your knowledge about this superfood. 

Health benefits of Radish

It manages Diabetes

The blood sugar level in your body is greatly affected by the food you consume, and the glycemic index (GI) is the indicator of the same. Low GI means low blood sugar, and vice versa. Coming to radish, it is a low-calorie and low-GI vegetable that is also a great source of fibre, which can help you shed those extra kilos and lower your blood cholesterol levels simultaneously. Therefore, radish manage diabetes instantly.  Scientifically, there’s a hormone called adiponectin, which regulates blood glucose levels in the body. Radish contains bioactive compounds that regulate adiponectin that controls blood glucose vitally.


An unhealthy lifestyle or ageing causes cell damage, and radish helps prevent the effect of this condition. Radish is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radicals, preventing cell damage in your body. As a result, it works on preventing and eradicating the early signs of ageing.  

Anti-cancerous vegetable

According to a study, cruciferous vegetables like radish contain compounds that break down into isothiocyanates when combined with water. Isothiocyanates are known to prevent tumour formation in the body, and it also flushes out cancer-causing substances from the body.  Doctors have revealed that radish contains several kinds of isothiocyanates that can also cause cell death in some cancer cell lines. Therefore, radish has anti-cancerous properties, and it can help fight cancer. 

Antihypertensive effects

Radish is an excellent source of potassium, and it contains compounds called anthocyanins that lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation in the body. Besides, it also improves your immunity, making your body feel fitter and healthier.  Radish has antihypertensive effects, which makes it one of the healthiest vegetables for your heart.  Also read: All you need to know about Triglycerides and its role in your heart health! 

Improves digestive system

Radish contains the best combination of soluble and insoluble fibres. This combo is considered great for your gastrointestinal tract. According to doctors, fibres prevent the bulking up of your stool, and their consumption is great for preventing constipation.  These are some of the most vital benefits of radish. So, good health comes from your kitchen, and you should be mindful of what you eat in a day.

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