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03 Jun, 2023
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Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

When the cells in your skin cells start multiplying abnormally, it’s called skin cancer. Cells have a property called contact inhibition, this property helps cells not to multiply abnormally, but when a skin cell loses this property, it leads to skin cancer.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, containing multiple layers to prevent our body from external injuries, heat, cold, sunlight, and various other infections. But do you know what causes skin cancer? The most prominent reason for skin cancer is exposer; if your skin exposed to UV rays, X-rays, or carcinogenic chemicals, you may have skin cancer.

Practice Sun Safety

Sun emits UV rays that can damage our skin in a very short time (less than 15 minutes). Hence, it is crucial to do whatever you can to protect your skin from UV exposure. Wear sunglasses, wear appropriate clothing, wear a hat, and stay under shades whenever you are out.

Apply Sunscreen

It’s almost impossible to hide your skin from the sun all the time, so you should apply sunscreen whenever you go out. But before you buy sunscreen, make sure that it has at least FPS 50; high SPF gives better coverage from the UV rays. Keep reapplying the sunscreen after every two hours if you are under the sun for a longer time.

Avoid X-Rays

X-rays are carcinogenic, so if your skin exposes to x-rays, you may have skin cancer. Keep in mind that if you ever need to get an x-ray, keep that copy of the x-ray image with you very carefully. In future, you may need that copy of the x-ray image, and if you don’t keep it intact, you will again have to go through x-rays which may cause skin cancer.

When to See a Doctor?

There are some symptoms of skin cancer; if you notice any of them, you should immediately see a doctor. The symptoms are as follows: Having a mole with irregular borders, a sudden growth of skin, oozing or bleeding from a skin spot, and sudden pain, itchiness, or tenderness.

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