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24 Mar, 2023
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Why isn’t the number changing? Here’s How To Break Weight Loss Plateau

Do you belong from that section of people who stands on the weighing scale every morning and say: “Why isn’t the number changing?” Well, achieving your fitness goal is hard AF, but once you succeed, there is no bigger joy than that. While you are able to shed some kilos very quickly but then comes a stage where no matter what, your weight won’t budge, which is actually when you hit the weight loss plateau.

To be honest, hitting a weight loss plateau can be demotivating, frustrating and can even convince you to back off from your weight loss journey. However, breaking the weight loss plateau is easier said than done, right? Well, not anymore as our team sat down to google all the possibilities of breaking a weight loss plateau and here’s what we have found:

Don’t skip your protein

Even if you are stuck in a weight loss plateau, protein is still your best friend. Consuming protein throughout the day boosts your metabolism, which immensely helps in your weight loss journey. You must include at least 20 grams of protein at each meal to boost your metabolic rate. Apart from metabolism, protein also helps in reducing appetite and make you feel fuller for a longer time.

Stress is your enemy

Stress is one such thing that can significantly affect your weight loss journey and mess with your fitness goals. The stress hormone ‘cortisol’ does help your body respond to stress, it also increases belly fat storage, and the tendency is seen more in women than men. While it is difficult to control stress but if you seriously don’t want to put brakes on your weight-loss journey, try to manage stress if unable to eliminate it.

Don’t rely too much on the scale

We often hop on the weighing scale whenever we are trying to lose weight. Seeing the number getting decreased is a great feeling but overdoing it might not reflect actual progress. You need to understand that your goal is fat loss and not weight loss. There is a possibility that you could be building muscle and losing fat yet maintaining a stable weight. Instead of focusing entirely on the scale, evaluate how your feel and how your old clothes fit.

Practice a calorie-deficit diet

The bottom line in the weight loss journey is going on a calorie-deficit diet, meaning that you need to eat less than your maintenance calorie. It’s a good option to track your calorie and have a rough idea of all the macronutrients you consume. Though we don’t mean precisely calculating every meal that you eat, the act of keeping track of your food intake will help you to understand what dietary adjustments you must make to break the weight loss plateau.

Do a combination of cardio and strength training

When it comes to weight loss, all eyes go towards cardio. Though cardio is excellent for weight loss, we generally let strength training slip away from our workout routine. Strength training helps in increasing muscle mass and boosts your metabolic rate. To conclude, The best way to break the weight loss plateau is to do a combination of cardio and strength training workouts. It’s more important to lose inches than losing weight.

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