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‘Ye Diwali, Healthy Wali’: Expert Tips On Celebrating Healthy Diwali 2022!

Its Diwali time almost and Diwali 2022 is special for many reasons. We all have gone through our peaks and valleys in the last two years. And finally, after the two scary years of the pandemic, people are now immensely happy to celebrate the festival of light. 

Diwali is all about lights, sweets and togetherness. It is one of the biggest Indian festivals celebrated each year, when people almost forget all their diet plans and mindful eating habits. 

But, what if we say you can celebrate your favourite festival without compromising on your good eating habits? Does it sound unreal? It might sound bogus, but trust us, you can be equally cognizant about your eating habit on a Diwali day as you are on any other random day of your routine. 

In this article, we will talk about Diwali healthy sweets and other Diwali nutrition tips that will help you maintain your diet even during the festival time!   

Is it ok to eat sweets during Diwali?

Diwali is incomplete without sweets. A lot of you can vouch for this statement. But, making your way to the right kind of healthy sweets is the only way to stay intact with your health goals. 

Choosing the right kind of sweets is important. For this, you must look out for high protein sweets or high fibre sweets dish that satiates your sweet tooth and also keeps your healthy eating habit on point.

So, what are the do’s and don’ts of eating in Diwali?

According to nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi, the most important part of picking up the right sweet is avoiding simple carb sweets. Most sweets are made of sugar and white flour, which are simple carbs that harm your immune system and disturb your diet. So, most importantly, you need to check on the consumption of simple carbs.

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What are the alternatives, you may ask? 

Opt for milk-based sweets

Milk is rich in good fats and protein. So, if you think you can’t avoid sweets this Diwali, opt for the ones made using milk as the primary ingredient. For instance, milk barfi, chena, rasmalai, are some of the options you can choose. 

Besides, you can also go for fibre-rich sweet dishes like besan barfi or besan ladoo. Besan has the highest amount of fibre, followed by atta and ragi. So, you can also choose options like ragi or atta ladoo. 

Avoid sugar to the maximum

Sugar is the main culprit, as it can lead to multiple health disorders. So, if you are making Diwali sweets at home, instead of using white sugar, you can go for stevia or natural sweeteners like fresh dates. 

So, the idea around keeping it healthy during the Diwali festive season is not to avoid sweets altogether. Instead it is about eating in moderation. There are several benefits associated with eating in small portions. 

As explained by Rastogi, if you have just included a sweet item in your diet, your Diwali nutrition can still be maintained if you balance the other items in your meal. You can add more protein like paneer, dals, etc. and reduce carbs like roti chawal to keep your fitness game on point. 

So now we hope you are sorted for what to eat during Diwali and what not to eat during Diwali.

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