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5 Healthy Grains for Fasting

If you have been observing fasts over the years, then you must check out the list of healthy grains that you can consume during fasting days. During fasts, you need an ample amount of energy and it becomes crucial to consume the right meal. With the right meal comes the right type of flour. But when it comes to grains, these are the 5 gluten-free grains that anyone keeping a fast may eat.

Singhara Atta

This fruit-based flour, which is produced from water chestnuts, has a high level of fiber and requires more time to digest. It makes you feel full, which keeps you from overindulging in fatty meals when it’s time for a snack.

Your energy levels may naturally decline while you are fasting, however, consuming dishes made with Singhara atta can help with that. Other names for the Singhara atta include paaniphal, devil pod, bat nut, and buffalo nut.

Buckwheat flour

While it may be eaten whole and is also referred to as Kuttu ka atta in Hindi, it is much easier to involve in dishes when it is in the form of flour. It is also a staple flour or grain during the Navratri fasting period.

It is flour that is devoid of gluten and high in calcium, protein, and fiber. It is suitable to be consumed as bread or cake. Kuttu ka atta is one of the most famous vrat foods and is highly consumed by the people.


Quinoa is a seed that can be consumed during a fast. Gluten free quinoa is rich in nutrients that you need during the fast days. It can be boiled to make a variety of vrat food items including poha, upma, and kheer. It is one of the best alternatives for kuttu ka atta and has similar benefits. 

Rajgira flour

This ancient grain is known in English as amaranth, and it is also gluten-free flour. Making it at home is possible using entire grains. Rajgira flour, which is healthier than wheat flour, helps with weight reduction, improves bone health, and aids in digestion because of its high dietary fiber content.

Since it can be used to prepare delectable meals both whole and in flour, it is one of the most well-liked grains while fasting. It can be consumed as an alternative to gluten free quinoa.


Samo, the best-known alternative for gluten free quinoa, sometimes referred to as Bhagar in India, is made up of the seeds of an Echinochloa Coolum grass. Samo, a variety of foxtail millet, is typically consumed when fasting, whether it is during Shravan or Navratri. 

A modest serving of Samo, which is free of gluten, high in fiber, and nutritionally dense, might make you feel full. It is a nutritious option that maintains your energy levels while you fast.

Concluding words

All of these foods are excellent sources of nutrients and, more importantly, are gluten-free. Fasting days might enable those who consume a lot of gluten in their meals today to rehydrate their digestive systems. Before buying these grains you should always check the quality and standards of the product. These are naturally occurring and eco friendly products but, obtaining high-quality grains is necessary if you want to take full advantage of their benefits.


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