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30 Jan, 2023
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Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage Prediction

Advantages of Arranged Marriage – Some Points to Consider

Love marriage or arrange marriage prediction is a difficult task. There are several schools of thought. 

However, the advantages of arranged marriage appear to be far-reaching. 

Arranged Marriage: Advantages and Demerits


  • Due to the presence of family members, the relationship begins on a formal note with complete dedication.
  • From the start, you can tell if the person is financially stable.
  • You have the opportunity to carefully prepare your future.
  • From the outset, couples consider their families.
  • According to psychologists, love gets stronger over time in arranged marriages.


  • There are numerous concerns with compatibility.
  • The partners are unfamiliar with one another.
  • Following key sessions, the couple must make speedy decisions.
  • There is a possibility of family interference.
  • Before you get married, you won’t be able to disclose anything to your life partner.
  • There is an undercurrent of a forced wedding in the guise of arranged marriage.

Love Marriage: Merits and Drawbacks


  • Marriage is built on the foundation of love. As a result, if the base is firm, the marriage will be a wonderful bonding.Mutual understanding is everlasting.
  • There is an inherent synergy between the partners.
  • They are both accustomed to one other and feel free to share anything that may occur.
  • The family is not involved in the decision-making process.


  • Love marriage couples are self-dependent. So, they refuse to listen to the elders of the family.
  • People frequently consider physical attraction as true love. Eventually, the marriage ends in disaster.
  • You primarily appreciate your partner and decide to tie the knot without any knowledge of the family background and economic conditions.

In India, arranged marriages are more popular. In Western countries, people are more at ease with love marriage. ‘No Marriage’ is no solution. The key to successful bonding is mutual understanding.

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