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03 Jun, 2023
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Best Creative and Traditional Diwali decorations for Home and Outdoors

Best Creative and Traditional Diwali decorations for Home and Outdoors

So, are you excited to celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali? It is a festival which symbolises the victory of truth over evil, and Diwali decoration consists of a lot of lights and colourful decors to celebrate positivity. People pray for prosperity and peace and clean and decorate their house with lights, flowers and colourful and vibrant Rangolis.

In the festival of Diwali, houses are decorated to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for prosperity. Homes are also decorated, because on this day, Lord Ram along with Sita and Lakshman, came to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. In their honour, the people of Ayodhya had decorated their abodes beautifully.

This Diwali, decorate your home with positive vibes, and enjoy this festival with friends and family. Take a look at this collection of creative Diwali home decoration ideas for inspiration and start redecorating your home today.

Lights and diyas are the most important decoration for your home in this festival. For the exterior, you can use diyas on the wall, at the windows and doors and also on the terrace/roof if you have easy access to it.

For most people decorating a whole home with diyas is difficult, as a lot of clay diyas are required, and they break easily. On top of that, you need to make wicks, and have to pour oil in each one, and the oil leaves stains etc. That’s why, nowadays people prefer to use string lights or LED diyas.

If you have trees or a garden at home, you can drape some string lights or serial lights on them to complete the look and feel for the festival. During the day you can adorn these places with fresh flowers, which provide natural beauty.

You can use candles, lanterns, floor lighting, spotlights, lamps, and such items. You can make your lanterns yourself, or buy them from the store. You can use as many candles as you like, add coloured glass cases, or place them in glass lanterns for more colour and variety.

Make sure to keep flammable products away from your pets and children at home, and celebrate Diwali safely. Some people even go the extra mile by fixing fancy chandeliers at home to make their home look extra special and bright for the festival of Diwali.

Traditional Diwali decorations include diyas, colourful rangolis, and Mango leaves Torans, which are hung on main entrances. Torans are hung to please and attract the Goddess of wealth, Maa Lakshmi. Diwali decorations at home can include fresh flowers and Bandarwals, which are another decorative door hanging item used by people.

Rangolis are a great Diwali decoration idea for home and outdoor, as they are made at the front door to greet guests during Diwali. Traditionally, Rangolis are made from coloured powder and flower petals.

You can create different rangoli designs, and combine lights to create a unique combination of Traditional Diwali decorations in your home and outdoors. Have an amazing experience in creating Diwali decorations at home this festive season.

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