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03 Jun, 2023
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Better Late Than Never: Here’s How To Hack-Proof Your Smartphone!

With the passing of time, the technology world is reaching new heights and getting better day by day, but as they say – ‘With power comes great responsibility.’ Increasing technologies are opening many doors, but our privacy is getting compromised to a great extent. Well, the Internet is a great way of engaging with the world until you see that it contains your personal information. If the Central Investigation Agency’s security can be breached, even a beginner hacker can take out all the information from your smartphone.

Here are some of the ways through which you can protect your smartphone from hackers:

Be careful while installing apps

Hackers use these apps to breach your smartphone’s security. Most of the time, we install an app and give unnecessary permissions like the ability to read your files, access the camera or listen in to your microphone. Giving these permission can compromise with your phone’s data, so think before you click the ‘allow’ button. This step is crucially important if you are an android user since it lets you download apps from third-party sources. To keep your phone secure, never install anything from an unfamiliar website.

Don’t store too much information on your smartphone

The smartphone generation has made us quite dependent on it, and we tend to store all our personal and important information like bank’s account numbers and account passwords on our smartphones. Make a habit of eliminating confidential emails from financial and health-related accounts from your smartphone.

Turn on the ‘two-factor authentication’

The ‘Two-factor authentication’ does require an extra step, and you might get irritated with this obnoxious security measure, but if it’s about protecting your privacy, don’t you think it’s worth the effort? The authentication app generates time-bound codes for logging into accounts for which you have two-factor authentication enabled. If someone tries to access your accounts, it would ask for the time-bound code!

Keep strong and tricky passwords

Gone are the days when you could keep your date of birth or your mobile number as your password; you just can’t take afford to take half-measures! Use strong and tricky passwords that are difficult for hackers to crack. The ideal password should have a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits and symbols. Though brute force password hackers can dismantle strong passwords, don’t make it too easy for them, at least!

Download Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager is an extremely useful app by Google, so if you ever happen to lose your phone, the app can help you locate your phone! The app is extremely handy at getting back lost or stolen android devices.

Pro Tip: Always keep your phone updated!

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