Blind Dating or Online Dating: Which is better?

Have you been wondering what is the best way to find a potential lifetime partner? Here is a brief guide to help you decide which one to choose: Blind Dating or Online Dating. Blind dating is a social engagement with a person one has not previously met, arranged with a view to the development of a romantic or sexual relationship. And online dating is the practice of searching for a romantic or sexual partner on the internet, typically via a dedicated app or website, like Tinder. Positive side of Online Dating:

  1. More possible matches
  2. Interest based matches and not restricted by location
  3. Easy to start and access resources
Negative side of Online Dating:
  1. Lack of a community
  2. Lack of security and safety
  3. Not suitable for finding serious relationships
Connecting through online dating feels much more like meeting a virtual stranger and having to establish points of meaningful connection with little real-world experience to go on. Furthermore, the absence of a shared community or relationships make it easier to ghost or be inconsiderate without concern of consequences to your reputation or comfort in your community. Positive side of Blind Dating:
  1. More suitable matches in less time – good for busy people
  2. Zero expectation means no disappointment
  3. An opportunity to create new friends and have fun
Negative side of Blind Dating:
  1. Awkward for shy and introverted people
  2. Lack of security and safety if meeting alone
  3. Chances of severed relationships with friends if the date goes wrong
There are many people who could set you up on a blind date. Friends, co-workers, and family members are just a few of the different people in your life who may know someone who is also looking. Other people often know us better than we know ourselves. Your best friend may have a good idea of whom you would be well-suited with.  If you are constantly dating people who are all wrong for you, it may be a good idea to let someone else set you up. In an exclusive study conducted by DatingAdvice.com, 43 percent of Americans said they’ve gone on a blind date. So, which one would you prefer, going on a blind date set up by your friends or trying your luck with the dating apps online?

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