CRED- Not Everyone Gets It, But Why?

If you still haven’t come across the CRED ads, chances are that you are living under a rock. Ever since the release of their quirky series of ads featuring the most recognisable names in the Bollywood and sports industry, CRED has become the talk of the town. However, if there’s one thing that these ads are guilty of, it’s probably not sharing enough information about the CRED app itself. If the CRED ads have managed to pique your curiosity and you wish to find out more about them, then you are certainly at the right place. The CRED app is an online digital payments app that syncs with your credit cards to make your payments automated and hassle-free. Made by Kunal Shah, founder of Freecharge, the app is aimed at improving the overall credit card experience of the users by facilitating the automation of their payments. In return, CRED offers its users a host of different rewards in the form of CRED coins, which can be redeemed to avail cash and various other offers. However, not everyone out there is eligible to use the app. The CRED app only accepts users whose credit score is above 750, thus giving rise to its tagline “not everyone gets it”. The app takes a note of your credit score through the phone number which is linked to your bank account. One can also use the CRED app to make payments via UPI, debits cards, or CRED cash balance. When users complete their credit card payments by using the CRED app, they get rewarded with CRED coins in return. Additionally, users also get the scope of using their CRED points for availing discounts while booking tickets, making payments, online shopping etc.

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