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26 Jun, 2022
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Dating a Widow Or Widower? Be Careful!

The stigma around dating or marrying a widow or widower isn’t the case anymore. Still, there exists a lack of sense on how to approach someone with love who has already lost a partner that too tragically. You need to be very gentle when handling such a person and be prepared to accept their past and welcome the future for you both. 

So, here are some delicate tips you must know for supporting such person and if you are willing to have a future with them: 

  • Be supportive and tender 

Nobody can even sense the type of trauma one has to witness on the demise of their spouse, whether in an arranged marriage or in love. So, it would help if you understood that no matter whether they lost their partner to an accident, the COVID pandemic, illness, a fire or even to substance abuse, the tragedy could leave their family in trauma. So, it is likely that they might have complicated feelings for their departed spouse.

This feeling could be a mixture of love, anger, sorrow or even hate. You have to understand that things take time to get normal, and they may even come in between when you date each other, so you should very calmly handle them. Try to be supportive and do not expect any space for you until they completely overcome the trauma. 

  • Be mindful of triggers

If your partner has been abused physically or sexually in their past marriage, they may still have post-traumatic stress disorder about the issue. In this situation, any topic or behaviour can trigger them and mentally disturb them, so one has to be very careful.

Try to avoid these to give them a pleasant dating experience after such a trauma.  

  • Don’t let insecurities creep in  

Whether you have had a bride or a groom before or been single before you meet them, remember that they had a life before you that you know nothing about!

They chose to date you, so you must be respectful of their past love, but never be insecure of their departed partner and understand that your partner will take time to share the same comfort zone with you. 

Also, do not worry if their children are not accepting you; your only responsibility is to comfort your partner and be a responsible, secure and confident person they can lean on as you live your lives together.

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