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28 May, 2023
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Dig Deeper Into Gehraiyaan’s Flawed Characters And You’ll Find Love And Life Lessons!

Ever since Gehraiyaan was released on Amazon Prime Video, the movie has been the talk of the town. Everyone is talking about Shakun Batra’s flawed and messed up characters – Alisha Khanna (Deepika Padukone), Karan Arora (Dhairya Karwa), Tia Khanna (Ananya Panday), and Zain Siddiqui (Siddhant Chaturvedi). Well, Gehraiyaan is not a film that you can enjoy while having popcorn; it’s a film that you must watch at night alone with a glass of wine and dim lights. The film has totally imperfect characters with nothing going right in their lives, but isn’t that the story of everyone else? Maybe, that’s what got the crowd talking about Gehraiyaan ever since its release. 

If you watch the film with the mindset that it’s a good film, you are going to get disappointed. This film has a lot that you might not like but what works in Gehraiyaan are its complicated characters. You may find too many flaws in the movie, but if you dig deeper, you will find important love and life lessons that Shakun Batra tries to give.

Here are the love and life lessons that Gehraiyaan left us with:

Communication Is The Key In A Relationship 

The most important thing about love and relationship that Gehraiyaan teaches is that no relationship works on a straight line. It’s always complicated, but you need to communicate your problems, struggles, interests and passions to your partner. Well, Alisha and Karan parted ways after 8 years only because of communication and lack of passion. You need to keep the spark alive in your relationship, or your partner would always think they are stuck and try to look around to find someone better, just like Alisha! 

Be Sharp In Picking Up The Vibes Around You

It’s great to be innocent when there’s already so little left in the world. However, you also need to be sharp in picking up the vibes around you and understand why a person is with you in the first place. Only if Tia had not been that innocent, things would have been different with her and Zain. Only if Alisha could figure out Zain’s ulterior motives, the ending would have been different for her. 

You And Your Partner Might Not Be On The Same Page Always, And That’s Okay

Gehraiyaan’s messed up relationship stories taught us that you and your partner are individuals with distinct personalities and have their own way of thinking. If you are in love with someone, it doesn’t mean that you both need to be on the same page always. Easier said than done but never expect your partner to be in sync with you all the time! 

One Lie Turns Into A Series Of Bigger Lies

The plot of the film is based on one single lie that Zain told Tia in the first place, and everything just got bigger and stormy from thereon. This is one of the most important life lessons that Gehraiyaan teaches us that a lie never ends an argument instead, it starts a series of debates with bigger lies. The same is applied to a relationship too; it’s okay to walk away rather than lie to your partner

Never Compare Yourself; Everyone Has A Different Journey 

Even though Alisha and Tia are sisters, Alisha constantly tries to compare her dull life with the amazing life of Tia. The moment you start comparing your life with others, you start inviting troubles in your own life. Not everyone has the same journey, so why compare something beyond our control? 

Our Life Is Bigger Than Our Mistakes 

Even with very little screen space, and fewer dialogues, the character that shines out in Gehraiyaan is Alisha’s father, played by veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah. The sequence where Alisha confronts her father about her mother’s truth is the best moment of the film, teaching us a very big lesson – Our life is bigger than our mistakes. This is a lesson both in self-love and forgiving. We need to forgive others who have hurt us and forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make. 

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