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30 May, 2023
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Gift Idea for Holi

Everything You Need To Know Before Deciding A Classic Gift For Holi

Holi, the year’s most fascinating, colorful, and joyful celebration, brings a smile to the heart and lifts the spirits. It is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The festival imbibes a rich heritage, and historical background. Also, mythological narratives add to its appeal. 

People across the country observe the festival to greet the launch of the spring season when everything begins anew with fresh fervor and zeal. Quotes on Holi in India, especially in the vast region of Uttar Pradesh, have their own say in delving out the inherent depth of the festival ethics in full swing. 

People interact with one another by applying a range of colors. They sing and dance to some choicest and most popular Bollywood song numbers. Also, they exchange special gifts preserved for this occasion with their loved ones, family, and friends.

A unique gift idea for Holi may leave an indelible mark on your loved ones. A few of them are as under:

What Holi colors are best to use?

Herbal Hues: The exciting thing about Holi is celebrating it with distinct enthusiasm and delight. However, utilizing chemically generated colors can adversely impact your hair, skin, and the entire environment. Using natural or herbal colors is one of the best ways to avoid these hazardous chemicals. The most gratifying gifts you can share are natural, organic, or herbal colors that are devoid of high-risk materials. These hues are natural in every way and safe for applying on the skin.

What are the Holi special sweets?

On any big festive occasion, sweets and other delicacies are always a perfect gifting option that brings joy, love, gratitude, and above all, positive vibes. There is a myriad of mithai boxes of exclusive genres. The Holi sweets come in the most impressive packages. It ranges from gujiyas, motichoor ladoos, doodh mithai, channa burfi, milk cake kaju katli, among others. 

Giving a package of the most delicious and sought-after sweets to your loved ones and relatives would make them feel special, and they will remember forever. The delectable sweet boxes can be combined with additional Holi accessories like colorful pichkaris, a signature pack of water balloons, or unique herbal hues.

What are religious idols gifted on the occasion of Holi?

It is believed that Holi is closely connected with Radha-Krishna’s festive spectacle during their younger days. Therefore, gifting your loved ones the Radha-Krishna idols will add to the festival’s majesty. Lord Krishna and his lover Radha are also symbols of emotional closeness. As a result, giving these idols to married couples will enhance their relationship and increase their affection for one another.

The Takeaway

Holi last year was not celebrated in many parts of India due to the COVID-19 situation. So, people are deprived of the thrills of Holi 2021 Special all over the country. These gift ideas will undoubtedly surprise your loved ones this year and make the festival special for them.

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