Have Kids or Adopt?

Adoption of children is becoming more popular in India and around the world. Adoption was once considered taboo in India. It is now being taken positively and discussed openly with organized adoption rules in India in practice. The point of discussion is how to adopt a child in India.

  • Registration: The agencies to make such registrations in India are Recognized Indian Placement Agencies (RIPA) and Special Adoption Agencies (SPA).
  • Counseling and Home Study: The agency may require the parents to attend counseling sessions to assess future parents' motivation, readiness, strengths, and flaws. Central Adoption Resource Authority regulations (CARA) say that the home study must be completed within three months of registration.
  • Child Referral: Then the agency will provide medical records, physical examination reports, and other pertinent information to the foster parents.
  • Child Acceptance: Parents must sign a few agreements connected to the child's adoption once they are comfortable with the child.
  • Filing Petition: The attorney receives all relevant documents. Then a petition is filed in the concerned court. Once the petition is finalized, the adoptive parents have to go to the court and endorse the documents.
  • Pre Adoption care: Once the petition is signed, the adoptive parents can take the kid to a pre-adoption foster care facility to learn about the child care before bringing the child home.
  • Court Hearing: Along with the adoptee, the parents must attend a court hearing. The court hearing takes place in a closed chamber in front of a judge. The discussions are regarding the child's future upbringing and economic stability.  
  • Court Verdict: The judge may pass on an order favoring the would-be parents if the receipt of investment is highly satisfactory.   
  • Follow Up: Following the adoption, the agency must provide the court with follow-up reports on the child's well-being. These reports should be submitted at least for 2 consecutive years.
Prospective parents cannot demand the adoption of a particular child. They can, however, convey their preferences.

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