How to Deal with a Breakup

Heartbreaks are one of the most prominent reasons for depression in India, and most people find it difficult to cope with post-split stress. There is no magic formula to suppress the unpleasant feelings that arise after a breakup, but some healthy practices can help us stay stable and healthy after ending a relationship.


Suppression of emotions is a natural impulse, and it takes time, but you can perform some activities to avoid your feelings. A Breakup involves so many emotions, including anger, loneliness, sadness, feelings of rejection, etc. You can’t control your feelings, but you can find a way to confront them. Write it down; whatever you feel, you can even share your feelings with your friend if you want; it will also help you.

Eat Well

Having good and nutritious foods will keep your body and mind healthy; they will even boost your mood and enthusiasm. So, no matter how you feel, you must eat well to counteract the psychological stress of a breakup, but don’t overeat.

Get Active

Physical activity and exercise make our body release endorphins and serotonin; these chemicals act as stress busters and boost our moods. Endorphins play a crucial role in our body to suppress pain and enhance pleasure feelings. After a breakup, people become vulnerable and want to sleep, cry, or cuddle someone. But these things will never let you overcome your emotions, so you need to do exactly the opposite to what you feel. Do regular exercise and also play outdoor games, but keep it maintained. Over exercise can be harmful.

Help Others

Performing acts of kindness can open and empower your heart, so help others. It will also give you a sense of pride which is necessary during this period of time to mitigate depression.

Do What You Love

Engaging yourself in activities that make you feel happy is the best way to avoid negative feelings. In this way, you won’t get time to think about your breakup, and you may even feel excited while doing things that you like. Excitement is necessary to suppress depression.

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