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30 May, 2023
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How to Reduce Social Media Addiction?

Half of the world’s population is on social media, and its reach rapidly increasing day by day; and an average person spends almost 2 hours every day on social media. The impact of social media is devastating, millions of people worldwide are suffering from internet and social media addiction, and the numbers are rapidly increasing every year. Social media addiction is a primary reason for less in-person interaction and anxiety. However, here are some ways to reduce social media addiction.

Turn Off Notifications

It is almost impossible to detach yourself from social media when your smartphone lights up every minute with a new notification, hence turn off the notifications. After posting something on social media, people keep checking their phones and count the likes; it is a very unhealthy habit and a primary reason for social anxiety. Please don’t do it.

Keep Your Phone Away When You Sleep

When people sleep keeping their phone beside them, they end up scrolling social media instead of sleeping. When your phone is near you, an automatic urge arises to check it. So, keep your phone away from you, especially when you sleep; it will reduce the urge to check your smartphone.

Say No to Your Phone in the Morning

Boycott your phone from your morning routine. Most people when wake up, the first thing they do is to check their phones. It is again not a good habit. Scrolling down social media in the morning can distract us and even reduce our ability to focus.

Don’t Focus on Social Media Appearance

Most people spend a lot of time thinking and planning their next social media post, which makes them anxious and stressed. If you give less or no importance to what you post on your social media, the problem will automatically vanish.

Focus on Real Life Events

Start doing what you love the most rather than wasting your time on social media. You may play football, cricket, or other outdoor games in your free time if you want. It will make you healthy and also prevent you from becoming social media addict.

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