Medicines VS Home Remedies : Which Is Better?

Imagine waking up from bed, and realising that you have got a cold. Will you reach for a tablet or a homemade kadha? For the common cold or fever, there is a section of people who often reach out for home remedies like lemon, honey, and pepper tea, and then there is another section that goes straight to a doctor.   Let's find out the pros & cons of using home remedies and medicines; you can then decide which one to choose!   Medicines   In simple terms, medicine is the science of diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases. Medication is given to people having a common cold to patients suffering from major diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc.  

Risks And Benefits Of Medications

  The medication you take has an important role to play in your overall health. Though every medication has some side effects and warnings, they immediately ease the pain and control your blood sugar levels. Some medicines are more potent than others, and it is always advisable to seek medical help before consuming them.   The significant benefits of taking medication are that it eases pain, controls blood sugar level and can cure an infection. However, there are some risks too. The risk can be as minor as an upset stomach or as serious as a liver damage or bleeding.   Home Remedies   Home remedies are a natural way of healing your health. In fact, before the evolution of modern medicine, many types of home remedies developed over generations were used to treat diseases. However, after the emergence of modern medicine, people shifted to taking a tablet rather than going for traditional treatments.  

Risks And Benefits Of Home Remedies

Home remedies are very effective and can cure myriads of problems. Take the example of turmeric; we all are aware of the exceptional medicinal properties of turmeric. Whether it be skin, health or hair, you can find a home remedy for every problem. As home remedies are like a trial and error method, they might show terrific results on some people and not make a world of difference on others; people generally go for remedies that are tested by their family or friends.   The significant benefit of using natural remedies is that there are fewer chances of side effects, but there are some cons too, like you may not find even a single remedy that works for you. Traditional treatments are generally mild and show the desired results only after used for over a month, to say the least. The biggest disadvantage is that what medications can do in a day; home remedies might take days to show the same result.   To conclude, you can try home remedies and take your own little sweet time to understand what works best for you but if you wish to take medications instead, seeking medical help is advisable.

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