Office Wali Diwali: Dear HR, Spread Festive Cheer By Gifting Best Surprises To Employees!

Diwali is almost here and we are all super excited to celebrate this day of love and light with our friends and family. However, Diwali 2022 is also the perfect time for corporate Diwali gifts to be given to your employees. From business partners to clients and employees, you can really spread some festive cheer this year by giving the best gifts for Diwali instead of the same old Diwali sweets.  Moreover, a good Diwali gift can also be a good way to say that you are happy with their performance. You can make it an employee engagement Dipawali by giving them something that they will cherish.  Dear HR, if you are still wondering what to gift on Diwali, we have put together a list to help you out. It need not be something very expensive. You can also go for a decently priced gift for Diwali that people might like. So, take notes! 

Let us check out some of the best Diwali gifts in a corporate set-up!

  • Assorted Coffee: One of the best Diwali gifts for employees is an assortment of coffee jars. You can choose the choicest flavors as they make for an amazing Diwali gift for business partners too.  
  • Smartwatches: Who doesn’t love a smartwatch? You can easily find smartwatches as Diwali gifts for colleagues online. There are countless different ranges and brands that you can choose from. These Diwali office gifts are always appreciated and can make for a wonderful Diwali gift for Indian employees. 
  • Personalized Stationery Gift Set: Personalized stationery gift set can come in handy and can be super useful. It is a Diwali gift that your employees will cherish and use. Moreover, you can get them personalized with the name of your company and the employees so that will also instill the feeling of belonging amongst them.
  • Macaroons: Macaroons can be a great gift too. They are different from the traditional Diwali sweets but are equally tasty. You can order in advance and get a few packs made for your employees. 
Here, we listed out some of the gifts that would be ideal for your employees. However, if you are looking for Diwali gifts for relatives or Diwali gifts for children, this list can be equally helpful.  Also read: 13 Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees: The Ultimate List We have listed out Diwali gifts under 500 as well as Diwali gifts under 1000 so depending on your budget, you can go for whatever you want. If you are hosting a Diwali party, you can also buy some special Diwali dishes so that everyone can enjoy the delicious taste.

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