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04 Jun, 2023
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Planning a Baby Shower? Consider These Tips While Deciding The Food Menu!

When planning for an event like baby shower, we all want to go for a decent food menu and simultaneously need to stick to our budget. Deciding for a menu that suits all is tough. If you are also confused about what to serve your guests, here are some tips for Indian home food to help you plan your baby shower party.

Casual foods with a gluten free lifestyle help set a relaxed tone, whereas a formal sit-down style baby shower meal is just out of fashion. Consider that there is no straight right or wrong, and the celebration depends much on the nature of your guests. 

  • Offer Short Eats to The Guests: As a baby shower is considered a casual event, plan tangy finer food supplements instead of large meals. Guests now like to gaze and nibble, so offering them self-service starts to help engage them through the conversations.
  • Keep them Hydrated: Ensure to have a variety of beverages so that they can enjoy them whenever they feel parched. You can try infused water in colored glass jars to enhance the décor and incite guests to drink them more. 
  • Include a variety of Indian Food: Consider adding food with a touch of our culture. Consider adding a range of food with dietary needs. You can add eggs, dairy-free supplements, vegetarian food, etc. so that all guests can enjoy the meal without any dietary restrictions.
  • Consider Adding Mess-Free Desserts: A baby shower means participating in lots of games. Offer mess-free desserts so that everybody can take part and can eat on the move. You can go for cupcakes, cookies, brownies, single-serve ice-creams, and desserts for your guests. 
  • Plan for a Baby Shower Menu Caterer: Alternately you can hire the services of a caterer when your guest list is a long one. Professional caterers will go through your needs and will provide you with the best options for your baby shower menu. Hiring a professional also ensures quality food and you can focus on other important tasks like taking care of your guests, organizing the events, and much more. 


A planned meal helps set the tone of an event. This is also true for the baby shower party. A casual relaxed Indian food menu can make the event more formal. Keep in mind that a baby shower is just a small celebration and there is no right or wrong. It is a function for the mother-to-be, and so must be taken lightly to enjoy the special moment of your life.

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