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06 Feb, 2023
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Planning To Move To The United States? Here’s What You Should Know

Moving from one state to another is such a nightmare, let alone switching countries. Everyone has different experiences with encountering different bumps on the way. However, if you are planning to move from India to the United States of America, there are some tips that you must keep in mind.

Learn Driving

The first thing that you must research before moving abroad is to see what works for your city the best and how accessible and cheap is public transit. Since the USA has cheap petrol compared to India, it is a great decision to learn driving before moving to the USA and don’t forget to apply for a new driver license.

Take Charge Of Your Life

In India, we have maids and drivers because labour is extremely cheap here, but if you are thinking the same for the USA, well you need to take charge of your own life as the cost of labour is relatively high and probably you won’t be able to afford them. From making meals, cleaning the house, washing utensils to washing clothes, you have to do it all by yourself. So get ready to be completely independent before locating to America.


In India, you can hire a cook for as cheap as $100 per month, while you might end up paying the exact amount per week in the USA! Isn’t it better to learn to cook and save some money and maybe go for a trip?

Be Emotionally Strong

Since getting a visa in America is not a very smooth process, if you have your family and friends in India, don’t expect to land up straight in India whenever they are in trouble. Moving abroad might seem exciting, but it comes with all the sacrifices and compromises on an emotional level. Be ready to accept the fact that you can’t be available to them all the time.

Medical Process Is Complicated

Though America has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, it’s pretty expensive. If you want to escape the 2% medicare income tax, you need to take private medical insurance, and the process is very complicated. However, it’s a great decision to get medical insurance done; you must take all the necessary immunizations and medications beforehand. While you can afford high-end surgeries and treatments in India, you can’t afford them in the USA.

20% Courtesy To The Waiter

This is a piece of essential information that you must know about the USA – serving staff is not paid very well in the restaurant, taxis and hotels, so tipping has become an important source of income for them. Pay not less than 15-20%, or your waiter or waitress might get a little cold.

New places are always hard to adjust to, so above all, practice to be patient and positive!

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