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26 Jun, 2022
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Prepping For A Boho Wedding? Make Sure To Keep These Dishes In Your Menu!

An Indian Wedding with great pomp and show is incomplete unless the honourable guests are served some mouth-watering food. Usually, the “halwai” and his team are the in charge of the entire menu, but now professional wedding caterers have taken their place in the kitchen. 

The latest food trends with international dimensions are heating wedding venues nowadays. One such theme is a Boho wedding, which is trending in the list of wedding trends and has received more attention than ever on any social media platform. Because Boho weddings are non-traditional, feel free to select non-traditional menu items and to choose a wedding ceremony dress Boho style.

Here Are Some Must-Have Dishes For Your Boho Wedding: 

    1. A Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are a piece of art that must be a highlight to life’s most special occasions. Cakes decorated in bohemian style can be the star of the show. Cake decorations can be made eye-catchy if the colourful decor is used. Pink chocolate, fruit, roses, decorative feathers and many other things can be used to decorate your wedding cake. On the other hand, simple cakes can also be a good idea if you are keeping the entire wedding decorations simple. 

    2. Pea and Mint Soup

Cook fresh peas and mint leaves in a large vessel with enough boiling water on a medium flame. Stir continuously. If overcooked, the flavour of the pea will be lost. Thicken the soup with buttermilk or sour curd. Add some salt and pepper to taste. It can be served chilled and is very tasty. Garnish with cream, crushed mint leaves, and finely chopped peas if you wish to. A healthy soup is ready and is an excellent starter for your feast.

    3. Cheese Pasta

This is probably the perfect time to serve pasta when it comes to the main course. If you can’t decide on just one style, you can opt for a food station or pasta buffet. As a result, everyone will be able to find a dish or two that they love for dinner. 

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    4. Cupcakes

The Boho theme is more playful, romantic, and wide-ranging. Unlike traditional wedding cakes, cupcakes do not require a fork and knife; in fact, plates are sometimes not needed because the wrapper does it all. This makes this food option more interesting, cute, easy to handle and much more fun. 

    5. Caesar Salad

The Caesar Salad is made with Romaine Lettuce and Croutons, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper Cheese, Egg, Anchovies, Olive Oil, Garlic, and Vinegar Sauce. It is not only delicious, but it is also a very healthy dish. It should be there at a wedding along with other heavy dishes. It is a sophisticated Salad which is popular at weddings. Your friends who are concerned about their fitness will be so happy having this at your wedding. Bohemian cuisine consists of filling meals prepared with essential ingredients and salad is definitely one of them. 

These are all the reasons why you should plan a Boho wedding for yourself this summer. Find a peaceful and green destination to celebrate the day of your love. Undoubtedly, these fantastic dishes will complement the setup of your big day!  

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