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03 Jun, 2023
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pseudo feminism

Pseudo Feminism: The Ideology Behind Men Are ‘Inferior’ To Women

The recent case of a woman attacking a cab driver has been going viral on social media, which has again blurred the lines between feminism and pseudo feminism. Well, the world is progressing rapidly, and so are the different social movements. The feminism movement came into the limelight during the 1960s, which advocates equal rights for women. In a world full of misogyny and patriarchy, women felt a need to start the feminism movement and establish a world where women are not treated unfairly due to their gender. However, as the campaign started progressing, a significant chunk of feminists deviated from the main issue and started another movement called pseudo feminism.

If you are still confused about what we mean when we say pseudo feminism, well, the ideology seeks to promote that women are superior to men, with being quite adamant that women are being mistreated and every man walking on the streets is either a stalker, rapist or serial killer. Though one can’t ignore the fact that women have been a victim of years of misogyny and sexism, just because a man doesn’t scream and shout that he supports the #MeToo campaign, you can’t say that he is a monster. The culture of pseudo feminism has started the trend of male-bashing, which is dangerous for society. One can’t secure their rights by demeaning other’s rights.

A feminist would believe in concepts like equality, women empowerment, upliftment and smashing down the patriarchy, but a pseudo-feminist, on the other hand, would believe in ideas like women superiority and male-bashing, which goes against the very essence of feminism. The story doesn’t end here as the concept of pseudo feminism is immensely popular due to the ‘wanna be feminazis’ advocating the idea of pseudo feminism under the blanket of feminism, whether it’s the Bois Locker Room Case, Zomato controversy or the Amity Car Parking case. Social media has blurred the lines between the two ideologies, and it’s pretty easy for people to give out their opinion before knowing the whole issue. The wave of pseudo feminism is so strong that it has almost tarnished the reputation of respectable men by generalizing that every man is some sort of animal praying on a woman.

Feminism seeks to establish a level playing field wherein women are given equal opportunities like men, but women, in the garb of pseudo feminism, indulge in character assassination, which does more harm than good. For becoming a feminist, all you need to do is accept the reality that women have been mistreated for years but doing the same with men is not the solution. Champion for women’s rights but don’t advocate that all men are evil. If pseudo feminism continues to operate, we, as a society, will be trapped in a vicious cycle, eventually leading to misogyny and a new movement of meninism.

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