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28 May, 2023
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Seema Patil breast cancer

Seema Patil’s Inspiring Cancer Recovery Story – “I was Healthy But Still Got Cancer”

People who have heard about Zerodha are probably already in admiration of Nithin Kamath who is the co-founder of the stock exchange brokerage firm. Recently, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Nithin took a moment to share the inspiring story of his wife Seema Patil the boss lady who is also the chief of the quality at Zerodha. She is one of the most prominent businesswomen in the country. But there is a lot more to her story as she had an extraordinary journey that surely gives quite a challenge to her willpower.

Nithin Kamath wife is an avid fitness enthusiast and mum who recently opened up about Seema Patil cancer journey. After the initial shock that she went through she revealed that she kept things private for long. However, she wondered whether her silence was keeping the society devoid of much-needed knowledge and awareness. Just as with most other subjects cancer is also categorized as a taboo in Indian society.

Enlightening people about the process that helped Seema realize her cancer explains that she always insisted on getting a full body check-up on a routine basis for several years but her mammogram revealed a small lump in her right breast last year. She experienced no symptoms and consulted with an oncologist who performed a biopsy to confirm that the lump was cancerous.

During Seema Patil breast cancer treatment phase, she learned many things over four months. She believes that there are several carcinogenic substances that people get exposed to on a day-to-day basis and that can be a major cause of the rising number of cancer cases. Under such circumstances, it is quite natural that early detection is always helpful. She also spoke about how cancer is an illness that can easily befall anyone even without any family history. It is something that is known for affecting individuals who follow a healthy diet and good fitness practices.

Seema Patil Zerodha also went on to share her experience with the stigma of getting around mastectomy as her right breast could not be saved during the cancer removal surgery. The cosmetic aspect of a person’s health is much more important than a pressing health concern.

Post-surgery treatment and chemotherapy brought on more trials. Things became even more difficult since most of these practices are considered taboo. Therefore people should become more aware of cancer treatment and how it should be treated for the welfare of the sufferers as well as the society.

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