Weight Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing In!

When it comes to putting on weight, you know you can ace the process, but when it eventually comes down to losing all those extra kilos, you instantly know you are in for a nightmare. Well, weight loss becomes the villain of our lives, and all hell breaks loose when even after going on crash diets for weeks, your weight just doesn't come down on the weighing scale. TBH, it's a been there faced that situation, and none of us wants to go back on that. Weight loss is already a tiring process, but to add to our stress, the internet is filled with a plethora of weight loss tips and health advices that one didn't sign up for. Most of the youngsters who finally decide on working towards their fitness goals take tips from various articles written on how to lose weight, of course, it's a digital world! Google is filled with articles talking about crazy weight loss tips, but not all of them are true. Here are the weight loss myths that you should say bye-bye to! (PERMANENTLY!)

Skip your meals

This is probably the biggest mistake that you are making. Skipping meals is never an answer to shedding those extra kilos. The science is simple - Your body derives energy from the food you eat, and not having meals properly can have a detrimental effect on your health. Most people go on a crash diet, which ends up crashing diet. The smart thing to do is plating your food properly and ensuring that every meal is packed with all the nutrients.

Having a light dinner

This trend of having light dinner started after some famous Bollywood celebrities shared their fitness routine, and people went so crazy that they started having soups, salads or sometimes, nothing at all. Well, the logic doesn't lie in having a light dinner but to have a good gap between dinner and hitting the bed. After having a full meal, you can keep a gap of two hours before going to sleep.

Stop consuming carbohydrates

When it comes to weight loss, carbohydrates are made the villains, but they aren't as bad as the internet claims them to be. For proper functioning, your body needs carbohydrates from whole grains and fruits. Moreover, removing an entire food group is never a sustainable option, and TBH, carbs are not the bad guy!

Spot reduction

You must have seen videos that say lose belly fat in one week or lose arm fat in 4 days; well, let us put it out there - they are all marketing gimmicks or click baits! The most basic thing about weight loss is that you can never target a single spot, and you need to focus on your whole body. A healthy diet and a good exercise routine are enough for you to reach your fitness goal.

Say bye-bye to alcohol

You would often come across people who miss out on some parties when on a weight loss diet, but you will spot the same face on the following parties; well, that's because cutting down on anything completely is not sustainable at all. It's not about going off alcohol ultimately; you just need to avoid sugary cocktails, high-calorie beer, and you're sorted! Limit your alcohol intake to three drinks a week.

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