Why Is Ceylon Cinnamon Beneficial For You?

Ceylon cinnamon is a kitchen spice that is common to all Indian households out there. It is used in both powder as well as whole form. It is obtained by shaving the branches of trees belonging to the Cinnamomum family, and hence its texture is similar to that of its bark. Once the branches are shaved, they are dried which leads to the eventual curling of the spice. Though cinnamon powder finds usage in a wide variety of dishes, it is predominantly used in a host of bakery recipes including cakes, cookies, and bread. Known to have fat-cutting properties, a number of weight loss and detox drinks make use of cinnamon as their primary component. Cinnamon oil is another highly popular product that is derived from cinnamon. Besides their usage in food items, Ceylon cinnamon finds application in a number of personal care and cosmetic products as well such as mouthwashes, detergents, toothpaste, soaps, and body lotions. Ceylon cinnamon is a storehouse of important nutrients and thus offers multiple benefits to the human body. For instance, the oils that are derived from Ceylon cinnamon are used for treating lower cholesterol, soothing spasms, as well as for reducing gas pain in the lower abdomen. When taken in mild quantities, it is known to stimulate the appetite. It is an important ingredient for diabetic patients for it lowers blood sugar levels in the body. Besides being a highly effective detox drink, Cinnamon tea also acts as a good antidote for menstrual cramps and brings about weight loss as well. Additionally, tannis, a compound found in Ceylon cinnamon helps in healing wounds by serving as an astringent.

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