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29 May, 2022
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12 Indian meme pages you need to follow

1.   @ghantaa 

Instagram Followers – 7.4m



With a whopping 7.4m followers on Instagram, this page has taken the meme game to another level, ghantaa takes anything which is trending and makes it a meme. What a talent!

2.   @idiotic_sperm 

Instagram Followers4.7m

This page posts one of the best memes, and if you follow them, you will laugh all day. The page will soon touch the 5 million marks on Instagram. Their Insta-story is filled with 10-20 funny stories each day; now, that’s a lot.

3.   @error69 

Instagram Followers – 3.9m



This page posts quite different types of memes; the posts are funny and hilarious; if you are not following it yet, you should!



4.   @fuddu_sperm 

Instagram Followers – 3.4m



If you don’t want to miss out on what memes are trending, we’d suggest following this page. With a fan-following of 3.4m on Instagram, this page’s meme game is strong.  


5.   @_dekhbhai_

Instagram Followers: 3.3m



As the bio says, this page has got some epic content. From short-videos to still images with witty captions, this page has got it all. 



6.   @officialtis 

Instagram Followers: 3.2m



Filled with sarcasm, this page’s content is worth following. It’s got a lot of celebrity fans like Neha Kakkar, Kartik Aryan. Isn’t that one hell of a reason to follow them?


7.   @filmygags

Instagram Followers: 2.5m



Like the bio, It has got memes, Trolls, Sarcasm, and Humour. What a blissful combination to follow? To avoid FOMO, don’t miss this one out.

8.   @tedthestoner 

Instagram Followers: 1.6m



With an intruguing bio, the page has already touched the million mark, publishing 5 to 10 memes each day. They make sure that your laughter journey goes right.


9.   @dipraj_jadhav_edits

Instagram Followers: 652k



A meme mashup page, this one will hit your tickle bones right; life is a mashup; meme is a mashup for Dipraj Jadhav. With 652k, we are sure,it’s going to touch the million mark very soon.

10.   @thedesistuff


Instagram Followers: 557k

As the name suggests, this page has got the authentic desi vibes, you’ll get the most desiness here. It has 557k followers on Instagram. 

11.   @beingind

 Instagram Followers: 401k




This page posts memes related to India’s culture, political, and economic system, with a 

following of 401k; this page is India’s most loved one. 


12.   @memesbolly 

Instagram Followers: 63.7k


If you are a Bollywood songs fan, you need to follow this account right now. The creator of this page has a bolly song for every mid-lifer crisis we are having. It’s hilarious and too much relatable.

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