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28 May, 2023
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Have You Seen These Memes That Are Breaking The Internet RN?

Stuck in lockdown mode, everyone is unable to meet their friends. Amidst an uncertain situation, only memes seem to make some sense! Well, memes are definitely making us laugh out loud and releasing our stress!

As promised, We are here to give you a dose of the trendiest memes of the week! Ready to take the hilarious journey?

Who says EOD means End of the Day? We mean, It’s all about the perspective!

Ouch! Where are all those parents who tricked their children into drinking Complan?

Meanwhile, Indian kids: Cheating karta hai tu! (Just like Jaikant Shikre says in Singham)

After the news of social media sites getting banned in India started coming in, netizens are going crazy with making memes on it!

Well, parents and relatives will be the happiest, undoubtedly!

[videopress qXyik13y]

We are still confused if we are dealing with a covid-19 pandemic or fungal infection pandemic!

Meanwhile, South Delhi girls: Pink fungus dedo bhaiyaaa!

BTW, How many of you remember the blue-coloured Pepsi flavour – The berry cola fusion?

[videopress PVM64V31]

Well, legends are legends!

(People living with their parents in lockdown, you might take a note!)

Meanwhile, Indian influencers: Mai kya karun? Job Chordun?

*Low-key praying this ban stays in memes only and doesn’t become a reality*

[videopress RM5uJ50C]

Kangana Ranaut is the happiest person in the world right now!

BTW, don’t you all agree that Kangana is not just an exceptionally talented female actor but a great meme material too? *pun intended*

This happens when the invigilator says: “Copy karlo par aawaz mat karna”

Don’t you’ll agree that Kusha Kapila’s memes are relatable AF?

BTW, this song by Atif Aslam can never get old!

[videopress s4SWnxQg]

Common sense is definitely not very common these days!

Every engineer can possibly relate to this situation.

A bonus video for you:

Every true fan of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai will remember Rifat Bi.

Disclaimer: Don’t forget to read the caption!

[videopress RZgUcQ7f]

That’s all, folks! Come back next Friday to stay updated with what’s happening in the meme world!

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