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29 May, 2022
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Meme Alert: Ready For a Roller-Coaster And Hilarious Ride?

It’s Fri-yay, and we are here to charge you up properly for the weekend here!

Here are the memes that ruled the internet this week:

Can anyone ever beat Bassi? Well, we don’t think so!

Me slowly crawling towards another toxic relationship :’)

Memories we don’t wanna recall!

Meanwhile, me saving my leaves for the trip that I am planning for another decade 🙂 (kyunki abhi toh corona hi trip pe hai!)

Me giving commands to Alexa after 5 drinks!

When Salman Khan casually goes to the grocery shop

Me to Google: “Aap thoda over motivate ho gaye thoda practical hokey socho!”

Can you relate to this one?

Kuch Kuch hota hai doctor, aap nahi samjhoge :’)

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Meanwhile, me counting the number of sauces before entering the Subway outlet

Typical desi uncles vibe going on!

Can anyone ever understand what kick Indian parents get by waiting for 1-2 hour on the platform?

Meanwhile, Indian parents to their kids: “Keh diya na? Bas, keh diya!”

Rhea Chakravarty to Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh: “My business is your business too.”

Me, confused between the Delta Variant and Delta Plus variant: “Dono alag alag hote hain kya?”

Girls swiping all good guys left on Tinder and then falling for a fu*kboy :’)

Meanwhile, art students making the content and confusing both science and commerce students!

Rahul Gandhi is me. Me is Rahul Gandhi

Me to my syllabus: “Abhi toh hamein aur zaleel hona hai”

If Tony Kakkar does this, what does Neha Kakkar do?

If Neha Kakkar does this, what does Tony Kakkar do?

Meanwhile, me telling myself: “Aap chahe toh quit kar sakte hai!”

Cricket fans during the WTC finals: “Mereko to aise dhak-dhak horela hai”

That’s all, folks! Keep laughing and keep sharing memes, and most importantly, don’t forget to come back next Friday to check out which memes ruled the meme chart!

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