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04 Jun, 2023
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Meme Alert: These Memes Are All Over The Place Right Now!

Have you ever felt left out from a funny conversation? You are just wondering what are they saying? Why are they laughing? What’s so funny? The chances are that you might have missed the trendiest meme. Well, don’t you worry as we’ve got your back!

Every Friday, we will bring you the list of memes that ruled the meme chart so that you never feel left out and are always up to date with what’s going on in the meme world!

Let’s take the hilarious journey waiting for you, and thank us later!

For all the true Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma fans out there! You all would agree that no one does it better than Babuji; we mean, is it even a legit question?

After India reported cases of white fungus, we Indians are just making sure if there’s pink, red, and blue fungus too!

le fungus: Shuru majburi mai kiye they, ab maza aara hai!

Covid-19, black fungus, white fungus, cyclone Tauktae, cyclone Yaas

God to humans: Aap convince hogye ya mai aur karun?


Left-arm: yeah, if you could just stop touching me, that’d be great!

[videopress sNqYsZIg]


Ouch! Where’s the Burnol?

Meanwhile, Neha Kakkar: mai kya karun fir, job chordun?

Growing up is a facade, guys! (Humse na ho payega!)

Well, the most relatable meme award goes to:

Sorry folks, we hate to break it down to you; our heartfelt sympathies go to all the May and June borns out there!

[videopress MkDXLxZ3]


Wait, what? Are we facing a covid-19 pandemic or a fungal infection pandemic?

Meanwhile, Indians: Yeh ho kya raha hai meri zindagi ke sath?

Breakups can bring out the best and worst in people, don’t you agree?

2020 and 2021 to me: Peace was never an option.

Me to 2019: I’m sorry for all those bad things I said about you.

Me: crush ka reply aagya, CoWIN pe OTP nahi aaya!

[videopress mmQcHd8U]




A bonus video for you! (Thank god for masks!)

[videopress xLhAGfra]

That’s all, folks! Don’t forget to come back next Friday!

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