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03 Jun, 2023
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40 US Companies Come Forward to Help India Fight Coronavirus

India is in a very critical situation due to the continuous spread of Covid-19; many states in the country are already in lockdown, and hundreds of people are dying every day. The government is relentlessly putting its efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, but the results are very displeasing.

However, we don’t need to panic. The top 40 US companies have come together to create a global task force; they aim to mobilize resources to help India fight against Coronavirus. The meeting was held on Monday, and the task force gave the commitment to deliver 20,000 oxygen concentrators in the next few weeks. The US secretary of state Tony Blinken addressed the campaign.

Mr. Blinken tweeted, “the conversation showed how the US and India could leverage the expertise and capabilities of the US sectors to solve India’s COVID-19 crisis.”

India is going to get the first thousand oxygen concentrators in the middle of this week, and the rest will come by May 5, Deloitte CEO Mr. Puneet Ranjan said. He even stated that the goal is to get 25,000 oxygen concentrators or even higher if possible.

A call between the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Joe Biden took place; the US decided to urgently send supplies to India. The US and India are natural allies, and I am very heartened to know that the US government is stepping up and doing its part, said Mr. Ranjet.

He also mentioned that all the entities with big footprints in India are doing their part; they are facilitating individuals vaccines and even providing them home testing kits as we as other medical assistants.

Besides that, the task force even includes representation from the retail sector, pharmaceutical, technology industry, e-commerce, and other large manufacturing entities.

Taranjit Singh Sandhu said that all these US companies are coordinating very decently with the Indian Ambassador to the US.

It’s a global crisis, and this requires a global response. India is on the verge of getting assistance from the US. We all need to be patient and very careful about ourselves and our loved ones. Please wear a mask, and keep sanitizing yourself and the stuff that you think might be contaminated.

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