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24 May, 2022
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Prateek Grand City

A “Partial Win” For The Prateek Grand City Residents As The Prateek Group Bows Down!

It has been four days now that the residents of the Prateek Grand City, situated at Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, are still protesting against the financial and mental harassment being done by the Prateek Group. For the unversed, over 700 families of the Prateek Grand City are protesting against the double payment for the electricity meter installation that the Prateek Group is charging. A resident was quoted as saying: “We are protesting here because the builder (Prateek Group City) during the builder buyer agreement told us (residents) to pay an extra amount for the meter installation before taking the final possession of the flat. When we got the possession offer, we paid the meter installation charges, and we paid them in detail ranging from Rs 30,000 to 70,000. Now, the builder has given us only 10-days notice and asked us to pay another Rs 20,000 as meter installation charges. Our problem is that we have already given the money as installation charges. The builder has given us the final possession of the flats after 7 years delay, and the flats are not of excellent quality. Even after this, the builder is taking money from us illegally. Our protest is that the amount that we have already paid in a defined manner, so why the builder is again charging us for the same thing,

The builder had issued a notice to residents on Friday ( 16th April 2022) on the My Gate App that the electricity supply would be cut in another 4 days if the residents failed to pay the charges for the meter installation. The residents had also lodged a formal complaint at the Vijay Nagar police station following the notice.

After getting no responses from the Prateek Group, even after sending multiple e-mails both individually and collectively, on Sunday (dated 17th April 2022), the residents of Prateek Grand City went to the City Magistrate Gambhir Singh with their plea of solving the electricity meter installation issue.


After listening to the demands of Prateek Grand City residents, the City Magistrate issued a summon notice to the president of Prateek Grand City, Mr S.K Mittal, to appear on 18th April 2022 at 11 AM and present his side of the story. The notice also mentioned that if the concerned person fails to appear at the City Magistrate’s office, it will be presumed that he has nothing to say, and further legal action will be taken as per the law. Responding to the matter, Shiv Mohan Tiwari, a resident of the Prateek Grand City, said: “If the matter is not resolved, we will continue to protest,”. Over 700 families residing in the Prateek Grand City have been protesting against the builder’s illegal demands for the past 3 days, and they are not ready to bow down until the matter is resolved in a just and fair manner.

Representing the Prateek Group, Retired Colonel Rajshekhar reported at the City Magistrate’s office with lawyers in response to the summon notice issued by the Magistrate’s office. The residents’ side was represented by Akashdeep Sharma and Sudhakar Yadav. Other residents who were present during the discussion included Shiv Mohan Tiwari, Brij Bhushan, Mohit, Rajesh Gupta, and Himanshu, among others.

As per the discussion, the builder said that the charges they took from the residents of the Prateek Grand City are very genuine, and despite that, they also gave them a discount of Rs 5000.

Upon saying that, the residents asked, “if the money is going straight to the government, why are they (builder) giving us a discount, and how could they.” To which the builder side replied, “We never took money from the residents illegally.”

However, the resident showed proof of charges taken by the builder in the name of meter installation. Seeing that, the City Magistrate was disappointed. The City Magistrate told the builder side that “you have been trapped, if they (residents) take the matter to the Court after waiting for 6-7 months, you will be answerable to the Court as you clearly took the charges in the name of meter installation” However, the builder side said that “we were not informed about this (the process) until 2019.”

The residents gave a befitting reply to the builder side and said that “they (builder) have still mentioned meter installation charges even in the receipt they issued till yesterday” “If they (builder) are claiming that the money is of UPPCL and they have no role in it, why are they still taking charges in the name of meter installation” added the residents’ side.

*Note: The discussion that took place between the builder’s representative and the residents at the City Magistrate’s Office has been transcribed from the brief provided by Mr Sudhakar Yadav to the protesting residents. Our news and media website bears no responsibility for the authenticity of the information*

After listening to the builder’s representative, the City Magistrate asked him to talk to the upper management and clearly resolve the issue. The builder’s representative again resumed the discussion and said that the builder group was ready to give an additional discount of Rs 2500. After much debate, the residents could counter the builder’s representative at every point.

Overall, the City Magistrate passed an order that Rs 10,000 would be given by the residents of Prateek Grand City, and the builder would pay the remaining balance (Rs 10,750). The order also mentioned that the electricity supply would not be cut and the matter must be resolved within the next 7 days. Now, the residents are left with two choices – if they are not satisfied with the City Magistrate’s order, they can file an appeal in the Court, or if they are content with the order, they can settle the dispute with the builder. Meanwhile, the Prateek Group has agreed to the City Magistrate’s order and has issued a notice to the residents saying that the builder group is ready to accept the City Magistrate’s order. Passing an official notice to the residents, the builder group said that the residents shall apply for the electricity connection within 7 days. The notice also mentioned that the said offer would be valid only for the next 7 days, and thereafter, the residents will have to pay the entire meter installation charges on their own. The residents will be organising a meeting today to take further decision on the matter.

As per the latest update from Sunday, there was a violent clash reported between the residents and the bouncers of the Prateek Group. Reportedly many residents had to protect senior citizens during the violent clash. A resident of the society said that while protesting, they got to know that people from the higher management of the builder group had visited the sales office. However, when the residents tried to meet them and explain their problems in a peaceful manner, they were obstructed by the Prateek Group’s bouncers, which is how the violent clash took place.

Vijay Nagar Police Station’s SHO Yogendra Malik had asked the residents that they must inform the police station if they wished to take any step in connection to the peaceful protest or if they wanted to take any other action except protesting in a peaceful manner. 

Today morning, our channel reached out to the Prateek Group for information regarding the meter installation issue, but there was no response from the builder’s side (not picked up the phone). Prateek Group has taken money from the residents of the Prateek Grand City in the name of meter installation and is again demanding charges for the same. The builder group is harassing 700+ families of the society by issuing warning notice of cutting the electric supply. On Sunday, SHO Yogendra Malik had permitted the residents to a peaceful protest but reportedly, when the residents reached in the morning, someone had pulled out the tent and also removed all the banners put up by the residents of the Prateek Grand City.

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