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27 Jan, 2023
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Tunisha Sharma

Actor Tunisha Sharma’s New Voice Note: ‘Amma, Pata Nahi Mujhe Kya Ho Raha Hai’

Actor Tunisha Sharma’s New Voice Note: ‘Amma, Pata Nahi Mujhe Kya Ho Raha Hai’

In the latest Development in the Tunisha Sharma suicide case, the prime accused Sheezan Khan’s lawyer, Shailendra Mishra, along with his sisters Falak Naaz, and Shafaq Naaz and mother Kehekshan Faisi, spoke up for the first time. Actor Tunisha Sharma passed away tragically on December 24 when she was found hanging in the make-up room of her co-star and former boyfriend, Sheezan Mohammad Khan. The police later arrested Khan for allegedly abetting Tunisha’s suicide. During a press conference, Sheezan Khan’s family played the deceased Tunisha Sharma’s emotional voice note that she allegedly sent to Sheezan Khan’s mother. In the voice note, Tunisha can be heard saying: “Aap mere liye bahut maine rakhte ho Amma, bahut zyada, aap jaante bhi nahi ho. Isiliye aapse har baat share karne ka mann karta hai. Isiliye mere zehen me jo bhi hoga main aapko bataungi, Lekin pata nahi, pata nahi mujhe khud kya ho raha hai nahi pata (You are very important to me Amma, very much. You have no idea. That’s why I feel like sharing with you everything, and whatever I have in my heart, I will share it. But I just don’t know what is happening to me).” After the demise of Tunisha Sharma, her family accused Sheezan of love jihad. However, Sheezan’s family denied all allegations saying that they were baseless. Falaq Naaz, Sheezan’s sister, said: “Tunisha Sharma was like my sister. I met her on the sets of a shoot in Ladakh. Since then, I have acted like an elder sister to her. We could never see her in trouble. All these talks about hijab, dargah are baseless,” “People are saying we forced her to wear hijab, but it is a picture from one of her shoots,” added Falaq. 

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Kanjhawala Death Case: Anjali Was In a Drunken State; They Kept Dragging Her Says Deceased Girl’s Friend 

On Tuesday, deceased Anjali’s friend Nidhi who was with her at the time of the incident, said that the men knew Anjali had got under their car, but they kept dragging her. In a shocking revelation, Nidhi said that Anjali was in a drunken state but kept insisting on driving the two-wheeler. “She was in a drunken state but insisted on driving the two-wheeler. After being hit by the car, she came under the car and got dragged with it. I was scared and went away and returned home, didn’t tell anything to anyone.” said Nidhi. “It is the fault of the girl who was driving in an inebriated state. I insisted to her so much that don’t drive, I am conscious, let me drive. She didn’t believe me and believed herself,” she further added. The Delhi Police has recovered CCTV footage in which Anjali and her friend Nidhi can be seen coming out of a hotel at around 1:30 AM on 1st January. The hotel manager has said that the two girls had an argument, and when he asked them not to fight, they went downstairs and again started fighting. After that, they left the hotel on a scooty, as revealed by the hotel manager. A 20-year-old girl Anjali was killed on 1st January 2023 after her scooty was hit by a car. The girl was reportedly dragged for several kilometres on the city’s roads. 

Karnataka BJP Chief Nalin Kumar Kateel Says Love Jihad a Priority Over Issues Like Gutter, Drain etc

Karnataka BJP President Nalin Kumar Kateel has said that the people of Karnataka should prioritise the issue of love jihad in upcoming Assembly Elections over other ‘small issues’ like roads, gutter, drain etc. During the launch of Booth Vijay Abhiyaan, Kateel supported the centre’s ban on the Popular Front of India (PFI). “So I told them not to talk about roads, gutters, drains and other small issues…. If the issue concerning your children’s lives — love jihad — has to be stopped, then we need the BJP (to form the government),” said Kateel to party workers. Tweeting the video of Kateel, Karnataka Congress took a jibe at the BJP leader and wrote: “… Development of the state, employment and education are minor issues! It’s shameful that BJP has asked its party workers not to talk about Development, of which it has done little.” On December 31, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in Bengaluru that the Assembly Polls are a choice between people who developed places like Ayodhya and those who glorify Tipu Sultan. 

Cold Wave Continues To Grip Delhi After Sharp Dip in Temperature

On Wednesday morning, Delhi recorded a sharp dip in temperatures as a cold wave continued to grip the national capital. Dense fog in Delhi caused low visibility, and therefore the capital recorded slower vehicular movement in different areas. In a statement, the Indian Metrological Department (IMD) said: “Dense to very dense fog and cold day conditions are likely to continue over North-West India during the next three-four days,” As per the IMD, the minimum and maximum temperatures in January are likely to remain below normal over many areas of central India, peninsular, east and northwest India.  

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